...I think I know why it’s difficult for me to post here.
If I’m going to share my thoughts... why would I be inclined to let a bunch of strangers in on them when it’s been so damn hard just to let the people I was “close” with know what I felt and thought?
No offense. You’re all a great crowd, for Clams.
It just... feels pointless for Me... I mean, who’d actually care? Why reduce myself to just anyone’s casual browsing entertainment when I could stick to the platforms where my system’s friends are, so I know at least a tiny fraction of my audience cares what I have to say on a deeper level?
...It’s not that I think I’m boring and not worth seeing posts from... I guess I’m just struggling to understand social media in general, the appeal of broadcasting anything Just ‘Cuz, of sharing personal things with those you don’t have a real bond with.
I could barely bring myself to bond with people IRL back home. Now things are all... like this.
Asocial nature meets culture shock, I guess.

@Clams Fair enough! My only counterpoint is that we’re a fairly small server, and I, for one, don’t consider my local timeline casual browsing entertainment. Because there are relatively few of us, I find that I can connect more quickly with systems here and take more time doing so.

The reluctance is completely valid – just remember that people do notice and care, no matter how mundane your content. 🙂

@setsuna Ohh... hey, thanks, I wasn’t even expecting anyone to reply to me. So this was a kind of pleasant surprise to wake up to...? Anyway, you make a fair point there, one I hadn’t really considered. I know my system really likes that this instance’s low member count (compared to other places we’ve posted) allows for a more inherently tight-knit feel, even if people aren’t actually close with each other outside of platform interactions. It’s a type of connection that might not feel like so much of an illusion to me, the more I try. -🈂️

@Clams Happy to provide a pleasant surprise! Mastodon, I think more than other platforms, makes it easier to exist in your virtual comfort zone, and allows you to explore outside of it when you feel the urge. We’ve been on a LOT of different sites for multiples (I’m sure you have too) and they don’t really compare to this one. Much more accessible, and much less prone to misunderstanding and infighting.


@setsuna Heh, yeah... I think this is the first place we’ve actually felt truly safe, like we don’t actually have to be really paranoid of people we should have solidarity with as fellow plurals secretly thinking we’re fake and all that. We love Mastodon’s actual layout for the most part too. Overall, a good space. We’re glad we learned about it.

@setsuna @Clams

We had similar feelings as your, @Clams, and we eventually tried to connect with people in this server and share our thoughts/feelings.

So far, it is nice and it has been helping us to feel more free and comfortable with our system and knowing that we can interact with same people as us (multiples) and having the feeling that we all are here for each other.

Its nice. Its a good community here.

Sorta wishing that it'd be more active here - enjoying more and more dialogues and connecting with people!

- (unnamed) / Maggie(?)

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