...I guess I even have a secret goal here. But based off this memory bank, I sense I can’t really talk about that dream around others without compromising the chances of follow-through. It seems like these guys can’t make any similarly bold claims without screwing themselves, getting too cocky before they have anything real to boast about, just ignoring all the facts and system patterns... so I have to be more strategic, more patient than the others who came before me and caved at resistance or conflicts of interest, no over- or underestimating myself like they do.
I want to believe it’s not only wishful thinking for me, unrealistic or a downright impossibility, but with the others’ history I know the odds are currently stacked against me.
...The difference is I’m not going to give up. I think... for me at least, there’s no point to existing here if I don’t make a truly unrelenting effort to live.

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