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Welcome to the Plural Café!

Grab a hot cocoa or coffee from the bar, kick back and relax. This is a Mastodon instance that is focused around fostering a friendly and welcoming community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike. Multiple accounts for each systemmate is also allowed, if you choose!

For our Privacy Policy and server information, see our Terms of Service page. We're also listed on Plural Hub! Follow this link to see more plural communities and resources.

This instance uses Mutant Standard emoji made by Dzuk, which are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The instance's header artwork is made by @Mous.

The Plural Café administrators can be reached via email at admin [AT] plural [DOT] cafe, or alternatively by direct messaging the administrators listed in the @Barkeep description.

What is Mastodon?

From joyeusenoelle's An Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon:

Mastodon is Twitter-style social networking combined with email-style instanced servers. It's named after the metal band, but themed after the extinct megafauna.

Each Mastodon instance is independent but networked, like email servers. If you sign up for an email account on gmail.com, you don't automatically have an account on hotmail.com or aol.com, but you can send and receive messages to and from users on hotmail.com and aol.com.

Likewise, if you sign up for an account on mastodon.social, that doesn't make an account for you on every other instance, but you can talk to users from other instances and they can talk to you.

What is Plurality?

From Plurality Resource:

The most simplified definition of the term plural that includes all people who take the label is “someone who shares the same physical body with other individuals.” Such a group is sometimes referred to as a system, though many plural groups use different terminology. Because plurality can take many vastly different forms, it is difficult to expand this definition without excluding someone who might otherwise share characteristics or concerns with most other members of the community. It does seem this basic trait is the only thing groups of people who refer to themselves as plural universally share. In other words, there are many, many ways to be plural, and no two systems are the same even as far as basic characteristics. There are a lot of trends in the community, however, and various types within the umbrella term of plural that seem to be subsets.

There is a prevailing theory in the community that sees plurality as a spectrum going from singlet (one person in one physical body) to median (a term describing groups that have one main member plus others who are somewhat separate) to multiple (a group of distinct individuals in which more than one person can take control of the physical body). Groups who deviate from these subsets are seen as occupying an in-between ground along the spectrum.

More information can be found on More Than One, Healthy Multiplicity, Tulpa.io, or the Blackbirds' Layman's Guide to Multiplicity.

Instance Rules

All new registrations follow @Barkeep by default, but can be unfollowed. Instance administrators and moderators are listed on that account's profile. By signing up to Plural Café, you agree to the following rules:

Keep Content Appropriate

  1. You must be at least thirteen years old (in body age) to join this instance. If you are found to be younger than this age, your account will be suspended and you will be asked to return when you are older.
  2. No spam or blatant advertising.
  3. Do not promote illegal activities. Discussing the effect of drug use on plurality is allowed behind a Content Warning, but promotion or suggestion is not allowed.
  4. Mature/NSFW discussion, as well as explicit content and pornography should be tagged under a Content Warning. Sexual solicitation is not allowed anywhere on this instance, including explicit images or links.
  5. Any content that includes highly traumatic topics (specifically: abuse, self-harm, suicide, rape) or graphic or explicit discussions must also be hidden behind a Content Warning.
  6. Respect copyright and artists. Do not post links to pirated material, and do not use art without crediting the original artist. Link to an artist's site directly rather than hotlinking or uploading the image if at all possible. In addition, if an artist requests that you do not repost their work, respect their request.
  7. #nobot rules are enforced. Any bot that ignores #nobot being placed in a user's profile bio will result in Plural Cafe staff warning the bot administrator first, and being blocked if it continues.

Respect Other Users

  1. Respect the identities, experiences, and personhood of others. People have their own subjective realities, and "science" is not an excuse to invalidate others. Personal attacks, aggression (passive or otherwise), harassment, and trolling of any kind (including concern trolling and mocking of identities, such as otherkin identities) are not permitted.
  2. We do not allow users to demean or talk down to others, regardless of whether the other is a daemon, a tulpa, or a multiple systemmate. In other words, we do not treat anyone here, regardless of what kind of systemmate they may be, as less or more "real" than another member, or their opinions or feelings as less valid than another's. We are an inclusive instance of all system types. If you are anti-endogenic or otherwise anti-inclusive, and request that other system types not contact you, you should find another instance. We will not respond to reports or pings that complain about a person of a different system type replying to a post or something similarly benign. We judge posts by their content, not the identities of their author.
  3. Bigotry, hate and prejudice--be it racism, sexism, transphobia, ableism, or homophobia--will not be tolerated. Please also respect the pronouns of systems and system members listed in their profile bio. (This does not extend to nounself/neopronouns if there are a lot of system members to remember. When in doubt: singular they.) Ableism, such as by calling out names regarding their mental capacity, pointing out behavior as mental illness as an insult, making fun of folks who experience learning disabilities or autism spectrum disorder, have language speaking deficiencies- whether by a condition or by not being a primary English speaker, and making light of any physical disabilities a person experiences. The golden rule is "don't be a jerk".
  4. Respect the beliefs of others. You have a right to request proof for extraordinary claims that affect physical reality (e.g. systemmates manifesting physically, lighting trees on fire with thought alone). However, if someone's belief is inherently harmless and ultimately unprovable (like believing other worlds exist or that a systemmate is a spirit), "proof or die" attitudes and belief shaming will not be tolerated. (You are still welcome to state your own beliefs respectfully ("this is how I believe things to be" rather than "this is how things actually are") if they are relevant to the discussion rather than you "correcting" someone's beliefs. For example, in a status asking if systemmates will enter an afterlife, "there is no such thing as an afterlife" is not accepted, but "I personally do not believe in souls, or an afterlife. But if they do exist, I don't see why not" is a-okay.)
  5. While you are welcome to debate, please remain respectful and use proper logic (i.e. no ad-hominem) to back up your points--previously stated rules regarding respecting identity, experiences, and personhood are still in play. You have the right to ask respectful questions (e.g. "Why do you believe in an afterlife if there's no physical evidence for souls?") and to politely decline questions that you don't care to answer--you do not have the right to insult others (e.g. "You're pathetic for believing in souls") or attack people for politely asking questions about your beliefs.
  6. Do not impersonate others. Impersonating others will result in an immediate suspension.

Respect The Community

  1. Be mindful of what is being uploaded. Unlist or restrict to followers sensitive content. You can also restrict toots to local only.
  2. Using alternate accounts to evade blocks/suspends/silences, whether on the same instance or another instance, is prohibited.
  3. Do not leak personal information, whether you are leaking a member's physical-world identity here or spreading identifying information posted on this instance elsewhere. This includes users engaging in the purpose of mocking or "spreading dirt" on other users here. Doxxing, brigading, dogpiling, stalking, harassing, and other similar attacks against a person's right to exist without you, are explicitly prohibited. Post potentially identifiable information at your own risk.
  4. Plural Café administrators reserves the right to revoke a user's posting ability at any time. These rules may also change at any time.

Penalties: With the exception of offenses specifying immediate suspensions and obvious spamming/trolling, violations will result first in warning, then in temporary silencing of your account, then in suspension. Particularly blatant offenses will result in immediate suspensions, including and especially threatening to harm another member.

Other Instances: As with the Penalties section above, users on other instances that violate these rules in the process of communicating with users on this instance are held to the penalties listed in said section. Instance administrators that run afoul of the violations may find their instance completely silenced and/or suspended, depending on the severity of the rule. "Free speech" instances that provide a platform for harassment will also be suspended.

Unavailable content

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Media files from these servers will not be processed or stored, and no thumbnails will be displayed, requiring manual click-through to the original file:

Server Reason
wake.st epilepsy hazard
fedi.z0ne.moe instance admin harassing users
gulp.cafe instance admin harassing others unprovoked
mastodon.cyber-tribal.com instance not moderating spam
pleroma.weirdart.space CoC allows content that isn’t legal where we're located
anime.website transphobia, racism, "free speech" as a dogwhistle for enabling harassment, fascism

Posts from these servers will be hidden in public timelines and conversations, and no notifications will be generated from their users' interactions, unless you are following them:

Server Reason
botsin.space cleaning up federated timeline due to bots basically dominating everything in it and not being unlisted - bots can still follow and be followed, and can show up in timelines if followed
cryptids.online instance allows users to be ableist against others
fedi.be instance appears unmoderated
skull.website preemptively silencing for ableism from users who have moved to this instance
todon.nl admin denies and mutes all criticism, not just "false accusations"
wolfhowl.me "takes a firm stance against harassment and bullying" but not when poc are targeted
fedi.z0ne.moe instance admin harassing users
gulp.cafe instance admin harassing others unprovoked
mastodon.cyber-tribal.com instance not moderating spam
pleroma.weirdart.space CoC allows content that isn’t legal where we're located

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
accela.online the usual garbage, transphobia etc.
activism.openworlds.info racism, eugenics, ableism, incompatible federation policy
afterlife.masto.host single user instance created for block evasion
albin.social followbots / data mining
aria.company the usual suspects, transphobia etc.
aspirant.de runs a followbot, no ToS
beehub.org misogyny, right-wing paranoia
bikeshed.party sexism
bitcoinhackers.org no admin contact information, no ToS, and at least one user that’s enjoying that
blob.cat Pedophilia defenders, freespeechextremist/Kiwifarms association etc.
boop.link gleefully transmisogynistic single-user instance
buckeye.social transphobia, gab
busshi.moe see blob.cat
carrot.army methinks the carrot doth protest too much
catgirl.life sealioning & pepes from instance admin
cawfee.club racist and anti-semitic content
chat.cdstm.ch hate speech
cliterati.club terf instance
coom.club unmoderated, transphobia
counter.social respecting their desire to have a safe space for True Americans. see: https://github.com/dzuk-mutant/blockchain/blob/master/list/instances/counter_social/counter_social.md
crypto-group-buy.com spam
dickshow.social racism, dogwhistles
disarray.nof.st freeze peach instance
faithcollapsing.com harassment
fedi.absturztau.be Pedophilia defenders, freespeechextremist/Kiwifarms association etc.
fedichive.tk doing archiving without permission
floppy.tokyo platform for spinster and gab
fosstodon.org Ableism
freefedifollowers.ga Follower spam
freespeech.firedragonstudios.com https://plush.city/@announcements/101355494328483592
freespeech.host freeze peach
freespeechextremist.com fascist instance
functor.pro nazi content
fybuk.com unusual activity, possibly data mining
gab.com nazi haven
gabfed.com nazi haven
gameliberty.club instance violates our CoC
gendercritical.club these are domains owned by the known TERF admin of spinster.xyz who is offering them to anyone who wants to set up more (presumably TERF) instances.
gendercritical.space these are domains owned by the known TERF admin of spinster.xyz who is offering them to anyone who wants to set up more (presumably TERF) instances.
gleasonator.com transmisia
glindr.org terfs
hagra.net extreme racism (this instance might be on whitelist mode, but blocking for good measure)
hitchhiker.social freezepeach
humblr.social sensitive content in avatar images, not responding to requests to take down avatar (in response to report on plural.cafe)
ihatebeinga.live Pedophilia defenders, freespeechextremist/Kiwifarms association etc.
inditoot.com indian fascist instance, see: https://rage.love/@kyzh/103114979791700224
jimlunsford.com successor instance to socialnetwork.ninja
jpop.club see hedgehoghunter.club
juche.town tankies
justicewarrior.social another free speech instance, they sure do wear it on their sleeve
kag.social make the fediverse great again somewhere well away from me
kompost.cz anti-semitism
kys.moe fascist instance
lets.bemoe.online Pedophilia defenders, freespeechextremist/Kiwifarms association etc.
lets.saynoto.lgbt homophobic content
letsalllovela.in unmoderated, block evasion bot
libre.tube hosting murder videos, racist content, …
librem.one corporation, refusal to moderate: https://social.libre.fi/objects/8e2a5d7a-e9c1-4466-a7e9-8b650e4a3035
linuxrocks.online The admin has declared that they will not be censoring any political view. Y'all know what that is euphemism is for. https://linuxrocks.online/@omnipotens/102413781983979638
liveview.cf homophobia and data scraper, see: https://barkshark.tk/@izaliamae/103019728038699525
mastodon.grin.hu harassment, sealioning for gab
mastodon.hatthieves.es follow bot
mastodon.macsnet.cz CoC violations by instance admin
mastodon.org.uk no moderation policies, repeated reports of racism from users
melalandia.tk untagged loli porn w/ public visibility; freezepeach instance
micca.xyz transmisic reply guy
mobile.co see: https://plush.city/@announcements/101355494328483592
mstdn.foxfam.club fascist instance
mstdn.io admin has declared that they do not consider Gab an issue at the moment and will not be moderating them. see https://mstdn.io/@admin/102402617572153831 and https://pipou.academy/@darckcrystale/102399333220011084
mu.zaitcev.nu racism, classism
neckbeard.xyz racism, anti-Semitism, the usual shit
neenster.org Gab/spinster fork by known antisemite
networked.space "low key freeze peach,” in their own words
noagendasocial.com podcast dudebro brigade, no CoC, admin violations of our CoC
nomoresha.me supportive of transphobia
nordenmedia.com Nazi Peertube instance
nsfw.social incompatible moderation policies, white nonsense
nulled.red racism, lack of moderation
oneway.masto.host racism, ableism, queermisia - https://elekk.xyz/@noelle/102186124507278817
ost.social gab instance
patch.cx nazi content
peertube.se Nazi Peertube instance
pieville.net nazi haven
piggo.space transphobia
pixfed.com transmisia and harassment from admin w/ multiple instances (@Snder@quey.org)
pl.765racing.com admin is a nazi
pl.kys.moe fascist instance
pl.pube.tk their CoC bans “homosexual activity,” so we’re just helping them out
pl.smuglo.li freeze peach haven
pl.wowana.me single user instance: queermisia, suicide baiting, gatekeeping, racism, the whole nine yards
pleroma.hatthieves.es follow bot
pleroma.site incompatible tos as regards transphobia, ableism, and racism
pleroma.wolfie.pw freespeechextremist & kiwifarms association
prout.social extreme racism (this instance might be on whitelist mode, but blocking for good measure)
qoto.org this instance bills itself as a free speech zone, no moderation as long as it is legal.
quey.org transmisia and harassment from admin w/ multiple instances (@Snder@quey.org)
rcsocial.net incompatible TOS (“Christian free speech”)
rightmastodon.com fascist instance
robo.super-niche.club the usual garbage
shigusegubu.club source of homophobic and anti-Semitic content.
shitposter.club haven for harassment
sinblr.com explicitly allowing untagged adult graphic content and intention to essentially sell follower numbers via their Patreon. see https://cdmx.rocks/@v/101264156972348641
skippers-bin.com first look at the admin's profile shows ableism, queermisia, rape jokes, and loli
sleeck.eu gab instance
soc.h4x.group freezepeach
social.culturewar.us freeze peach
social.foxfam.club racism
social.hatthieves.es Follow bot + no ToS
social.quodverum.com Russian state sponsored alt-right recruitment forum/blog
social.seattle.wa.us no moderation of users
social.xeltica.work domain full of follow bots
socially.whimsic.al admin racism, ableism, and transmisia
socialnetwork.ninja single-user instance run by some cop
socnet.supes.com freezepeach
spinster.dev gab instance
spinster.xyz gab instance
stereophonic.space fascist instance
subcon.pub fse association, dogwhistles
take.iteasy.club this is just fl0wn's new instance (admin of sealion.club which has been suspended for a while)
the.hedgehoghunter.club freezepeach instance / single-user / transmisia
thewired.xyz incompatability with being a decent person
toast.cafe free speech/gab
toot.love freezepeach instance. https://vulpine.club/@mxsparks_afterlight/100777434627353036
tuusin.misono-ya.info transmisia, fascism
uwu.social gab association
veenus.art incompatible tos: allows homophobia and transphobia
wagesofsinisdeath.com homophobia and transphobia
weeaboo.space successor instance to masto.quad.moe (see above) https://vulpine.club/@mxsparks_afterlight/100656813050141179
weedis.life gab instance, and using instance to ddos others
witches.live repeated admin racism
x0f.org no tos
xn--6r8h.tk source of racism and antisemitism. Example: hxxps://xn--6r8h.tk/notes/5c9a2eae26a9874947de6bf7
yang.social i can't remember if it was decided this was a fake instance, but even if it isn't, corporate bootlickers and politicians heck off
yggdrasil.social self-identified nazis
yorishiro.space rape threats, queermisia
anime.website transphobia, racism, "free speech" as a dogwhistle for enabling harassment, fascism