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Trans discourse 

I really like the umbrella meaning of trans*. Can ppl pls stop to use it in narrow ways and always bring up some genitals and doctors and ewww. Trans is an open umbrella term for lots of different trans identities not just for transgender folks.

fuck, cops 

i do not get what people want to say to me with fuck xy.
bc like there are better more concrete words to describe anger and it implies questionable stances about sex. fuck cops? you really want to fuck them? ehm yeah no sorry i really have no cop kink.

better fuck me then cops.

Me: i wonder why this config file is not working.

The config file in question:

network printing protocols in short. 

ok did just a bit research about this and thought i can write it down.
There are several network prining protocols. My printer offers me ipp ldp and jet direct.
jet direct is simple but limited, it is like i sending something to the printer and forget about it.
ldp is old. but works.
ipp is cool since it allows bidirectional communication. so the printer can tell things about the current printing stp and so. it is mainly used by cups.

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How can such a cute boy be straight. I mean this mus violate at least one law of thermodynamics or something.

why are so manoy consumer tech devices not intended to be mounted and also have their ports in weird places - like at the front and back. i usually enjoy way more to have all stuff at the back and buttons at the front - with no annoying cables hanging around.


Turns out i really ordered some 0.5m usb type b cables. I mean yeah they make sense for what i am doing but i was a bit surprised. So guess i have to relocate my usb hub to properly do my setup. So i also need there a new cable. I hope my cat 7 cables are comming soon.
Was also thinking about buying a wall mounted usb hub but i think i can handle it atm with the hardware that i have and put the hub behind a printer.

AD4K exectutive dysfunction comes now in way higher resolution! Get your free upgrade now!

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Lmao some anarchists fucked up the table of some tankie group that showed up to the bay area anarchist bookfair. Funny as hell.

9€ ticket, de 

Wenn du mit 9€ ticket irgendwo zu spät ankommst gibt es auch irgendwie nicht wirklich geld wieder. Schade.


What a treat
It is to be
Ma chérie
Tee hee hee

(Arca - nonbinairy)

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Extremely lucky find at the EMF Red Cross shop, a seemingly functional ID card printer

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Kink, safewords, consent, subspace 

So one thing about kink and safewords and consent. Do talk in advance on what will/can happen because sometimes we come in situations where we cannot use safewords or other mechanisms anymore. Maybe because we switched - but more likely because we are subspacing. Subspacing can go deep and cause a trance like state of mind. I had subspace expirinces where i did not feel any pain anymore and would really do lime anything. I really where not able anymore to safeword and anything. Luckily this was together with great friends and it was wonderful.

Sometimes we cannot give or revoke consent. That is why it is important to talk and think befote that happens. Minds can behave weird and there is no one size fits all solution for this kind of stuff.

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$ begpost, boosts++ 

My country's welfare agency straight up lied to me, and so I'm not going to have any money for the entirety of my stay in the US.

When I called them to let them know I was travelling, they said I'd keep getting my payments while I was away. As soon as I got here, I got an email saying "you didn't tell us you were leaving!" and they stopped payments.

I absolutely need help to survive while I'm here, and if anyone is able, I'd appreciate it greatly.

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