Trans Girls With Bulges Belong at the Beach

“We can demand a world where trans women get to choose whether to get bottom surgery or tuck, not from a place of fear or shame, but from a place that centers our autonomy.”

Love how the article ends:

"And if you’re trans yourself, remember you’re perfect and gorg the way that you are. You don’t look funny or awkward or whatever, bulge or no bulge. No one is looking at you as harshly as you look at yourself. I learned that passing and all of that is just a big scam, y’know? You gotta feel hot for you."


> gorg

i appreciate the sentiment, but this abbreviation needs to die.


"...fuck the whole conception of transition as some linear progress toward the elusive, pearly gates of societal acceptance."


@wonderland Another article on that same website has this quote:

"Remember, to be trans is one of the most spiritual things one can ever be in and of itself — even should you never pray. We are the rare people that caught a glimpse of God being itself as us, dancing around as us. And when we begin to move toward that vision, that is divine. That is creation. We tweak, shift and season ourselves in our own way, and the creator says, “that’s cool,” knowing that the most important creation of all is autonomy."

"The Divinity of Transness"

@wonderland Related: Swimwear brand Chromat collaborated with filmmaker Tourmaline to create a swimwear line for people with bulges ("girls who don't tuck, trans femmes, non-binary and trans masc people who pack, intersex people, women, men and everyone embracing Collective Opulence Celebrating Kindred.")

Here's an article from them about the runway show and statements from Tourmaline about safety, euphoria, and affirmation for all bodies:

@wonderland there is a trend among the discord I'm in at the moment where trans fems share stories or post pictures of themselves untucked at the lake/river and I love it! It's so empowering!

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