Koblenz: waiting for free platform
Köln hbf: waiting for free platform

I would guess the trainstations are pretty much at max capacity. So i do not get why ppl are still like yeah just put more trains on the track. Also my ice is full. So yeah could be fulle but bahn says "hohe auslastung".
So i wonder how " Verkehrswende" should happen under these circumstances. Like yeah cars bad but trains full. :(

@wonderland well - the cologne-frankfurt high-speed-line begins at Cologne Steinstraße and ends at Frankfurt Stadium. From/to the central stations trains run on tracks not increased for the last 50 years…

@wonderland but also some trains are really short, much shorter than they could be?
And stations can be bottlenecks but from what I've seen it is often a sign of bad design that causes reduced capacity (e.g. how it seems to be popular in Germany when train traveling on any track can arrive on any platform so there is a lot of "hostile routes"), which at times can even be fixed in software...

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