Fynn kliemann 

Lol just saw a video called "Das Kliemansland hat sich von fynn kliemann distanziert". In the video: they did not distance them from Fynn Kliemann. It was an image video. The message was like oh, the shit that this guy is doing hurts us, too. But nothing about changing it. Like no effords to untie this place with the influencer Fynn kliemann. Like no rebranding / renaming of the place. Nothing.
And that is what i am not understanding: they uploaded the video and what did they expect from it? What was the intention? Who is the intended audience?
For me it looks like they were pressured to do it. And it shows. Also it all is super late and whew. I wonder how it continues but i think it is pretty much dead at this point. And their statement is bad and actually make things worse and not better.

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