VtM, discrimination, long 

We talked a bit with a friend today about pen and paper systems and VtM and the essence is:
WoD /Vtm : very problematic. Keep away unless you know the group very well and addrrss these stuff and more. Because the publishers are not.

Problems that we identified:
- Very much focus on using power over not consenting people.
- sexualization of unconsual body harm.
- racism in the setting.
- pushing players to abuse npcs.
- ableistic representation in the malcavians.
- questionable concepts of homesoil.

We also observed that there are a lot of right wing people in the fandom of the game and yeah it is not surprising.
We thing that the video game VtM Bloodlines does actually address some of the stuff in a good way, where the pen and paper implementation does not!
[CN Ableism for the next part]
Like the thing that it does not have you faking a mental illness when you play malcavian. You chose from pre scriped sentences. Which is imo way better.
[CN Sexual Abuse for the next part]
There is also not the sexualisation of drinking blood from humans. The pnp game is like that this is good for humans when you drink of them and kinda like an orgasm for them. So thats why it is ok. In the video game just a bar goes up. So it does not comment it and yeah it is a game mechanic and i think imoral but it is not sexualized.

So i think i forgot somethings also feel free to add. I played the game in the past and talking with a friend helped to realized on how problematic it actually is.

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