Does someone know of a program / support structure in germany that is helping young trans adults / teens to get away from abusive parents?

Also what is short and long term possible when parents refuse to pay alimony? Like yeah long term a lawsuit but this is not helping the people rn, still living in abusive conditions.

@wonderland I do not know of any program specifically for young trans adults, sorry. But generally speaking, trans adults can get away from abusive parents via betreutes Wohnen. You would have to contact the Jugendamt in your area to find out more. has a good start. But I suppose it will take a while to get there.

Another thing to try is - there may be issues with accepting trans women, of course, so there's no guarantee.

@wonderland Unfortunately, I have no idea if this is helpful or another set of problems. It's just you posting in English that makes me thing maybe you just need some help with finding some German starting points, and I went from there. I sincerely hope it helps.

@wonderland If these are not immediately helpful, the local Rotes Kreuz may help get you sorted, or perhaps (I used to work with them in caring for a minor). Similarly, perhaps - they should be aware of at least some other resources in the area, even if they are not able to help.

@wonderland Looking at your alt account, it might be that German is less of a barrier than I assumed. I'm sorry if that was all useless.

@wonderland I meant "generally, young adults" - sorry to confuse that. Bad typo correction there.

@jens nya~ these are usually hard to get for trans people, bc lots of forced outings and cis people often not understanding the violence of transmisia. Thank you for your answer anyway but i was looking for something that targets trans people specifically.

@jens for the now acute case a solution is maybe found but still looking in general if structures exists.
Since it is not the first time where a trans fem person around me needs help getting away from home and definitely will not be the last.

@jens thank you for the link yeah general trans constulring structures exists in cities and also trans groups but yeah as far as i know no structure that i know is specialized to that case.

@wonderland Agreed. If you find something, let me know. For reasons I'm still trying to figure out, I have more trans people in my contacts here than I have previously encountered, and I'm sure at some point in the future, someone else will be asking something similar. It would be nice if I could be more helpful then.

Trakine e.V. (Trans Children Network) is explicitly for minors. – They will connect to a local counseling.

Hope this is helpful.

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