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Grammer, singular plural, refering to me&us 

Sometimes people ask me if they should refer to us in singular or plural. And i think they expect a simple answer. But it's not that simple at least for us. When people are referring to activities that we do together like travelling (sometimes) or sleeping we prefer plural. Because all of us are ment not just one headmate. Other things like music taste is a more individual thing that differs from one to another. So here i prefer singular. Also body related stuff is always in plural because its our body.

For us the answer is not just singular or just plural. Its both.

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Plurality meta 

At the moment we are not seeking for an any medical diagnosis for our condition. We are not broken we are just different then most people. We do whatever feels right and seems to be the right way for us. Please respect that and avoid using medical terms for us. :bun_heart:

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Introduction post 

Hello, We are pretty new to this and there is still pretty much unclear. we are at least three headmates. We hope we can learn more stuff about thiss system and also of other systems. We also have trouble always knowing who exactly is fronting so to mark who fronts while writing a toot is difficult.

I wonder if actual cafes, towns, and clubs use .cafe, .town, and .club domains, or if those are just for Fediverse instances and cool Matrix addresses.

Aaaand the Texas republican gerrymander of 2021 has begun. 🤦‍♂️ they want to balance out us in a relatively diverse piece of Dallas county by slapping us in a district with rural wise county.


A why am I so overwhelmed today. Mew.

Rant, alpha wolves 

They are not a thing
Alpha wolves aren't a thing
Never were

It's ok the scientist made a mistake
It would be nice for the public opinion to catch up. Especially seeing how much some people are building bullshit on top of this

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Begpost, Please Boost 

hey guys, things have been rough on my end and i need some help again. i'm doing this now to give myself a little bit more time to get the money i need for things

i recently had to stop working due to my disability worsening suddenly, my husband starts his first day of work officially on monday but we still need a bit of help to get through the month

we need $200 for groceries to cover us until my husbands first paycheck, i know this is a lot but both of us have food allergies and allergy-safe foods aren't cheap

i also need $200 for rent by Oct 1st, and $100 for our storage unit by Oct 1st

i know this is a lot to ask but i really appreciate everyone's help while my husband tries to help us get on our feet and i attempt to get SSDI

Commission Info: (gallery is NSFW)


CashApp: $SCoyote

Venmo: SCoyote

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

I wonder if it'd be possible to use jack for video instead of audio 🤔

Suicide, Berlin 

Her name was Ella.
In mourning for Ella. No more death.


Racism kills
Trans misogyny kills

Binder and e hrt for bigger boobies welcome to our gender mess.

Mew awesome wants a binder to have these things out of the way when playing. Mew. Guess long term might some others of us also can profit of it.

Ohh yes i love doing conversation with friends, just learning them better and talking / texting is just fun. Mew.

Are you a native speaker of a non-English language? Please help translate the new version of OnionShare! 🧅 ❤️

We use Weblate for translations:

You can download 4.2.dev1 here:

It would be great to translate the documentation as well as the app. Here's the new version's docs:

01000001 01101110 01100100 01110010 01101111 01101101 01100101 01100100 01100001

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