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cuteness meta 

not all of us are cute.
not all of us like being called cute.
pls do not call all of us cute.
thank you.

feel free calling some of us cute after asking if it is okay for us in this situation and we say yes it is ok.

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Grammer, singular plural, refering to me&us 

Sometimes people ask me if they should refer to us in singular or plural. And i think they expect a simple answer. But it's not that simple at least for us. When people are referring to activities that we do together like travelling (sometimes) or sleeping we prefer plural. Because all of us are ment not just one headmate. Other things like music taste is a more individual thing that differs from one to another. So here i prefer singular. Also body related stuff is always in plural because its our body.

For us the answer is not just singular or just plural. Its both.

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Plurality meta 

At the moment we are not seeking for an any medical diagnosis for our condition. We are not broken we are just different then most people. We do whatever feels right and seems to be the right way for us. Please respect that and avoid using medical terms for us. :bun_heart:

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Introduction post 

Hello, We are pretty new to this and there is still pretty much unclear. we are at least three headmates. We hope we can learn more stuff about thiss system and also of other systems. We also have trouble always knowing who exactly is fronting so to mark who fronts while writing a toot is difficult.

i was asked yesterday if xier is really my pronoun in english. and yeah - why should i not use my pronoun in other languages?! duh!

What email client(s) do you use on desktop?

Nuclear power plants, germany 

Since someone asked yesterday:
I think nuclear power is not a helpful tool to overcome energy problems in the current economical and political situation. Since the problem is heat and not electricity. And most ppl in germany are not heating with electricity.
Also there are long term plans to stop the last nuclear power plants so it would be really expensive: there was not really that much new personal trained in the last years, since the job was not futureproof. Workes changed to other industries. Security certification is ending and so on.

What really would help would be to change radical the way to live and focus more on mutual aid then economic growth.

what is it with mastodon not letting me register a new account with äöü in it? -.-

de, lang 

es gibt menschen die unironisch Kopftätschel für headpats verwenden :O

It is super easy and convenient to install and manage packages on linux. You can install them via:
snap, flatpak, appimage, your system repository, pip, cargo, npm, download and compile/execute manually, download manually and update via the programm (youtube-dl), steam, lutris, extention websites, other app internal extention thingys.

It is so great that everyone agrees on what the best way is :ohno:

Koblenz: waiting for free platform
Köln hbf: waiting for free platform

I would guess the trainstations are pretty much at max capacity. So i do not get why ppl are still like yeah just put more trains on the track. Also my ice is full. So yeah could be fulle but bahn says "hohe auslastung".
So i wonder how " Verkehrswende" should happen under these circumstances. Like yeah cars bad but trains full. :(

Subtoot instagram ad 

Weird flex: this bed is super fast to assemble. I mean bruh how often do people usually assemble beds?

Fynn kliemann 

Lol just saw a video called "Das Kliemansland hat sich von fynn kliemann distanziert". In the video: they did not distance them from Fynn Kliemann. It was an image video. The message was like oh, the shit that this guy is doing hurts us, too. But nothing about changing it. Like no effords to untie this place with the influencer Fynn kliemann. Like no rebranding / renaming of the place. Nothing.
And that is what i am not understanding: they uploaded the video and what did they expect from it? What was the intention? Who is the intended audience?
For me it looks like they were pressured to do it. And it shows. Also it all is super late and whew. I wonder how it continues but i think it is pretty much dead at this point. And their statement is bad and actually make things worse and not better.

VtM, discrimination, long 

We talked a bit with a friend today about pen and paper systems and VtM and the essence is:
WoD /Vtm : very problematic. Keep away unless you know the group very well and addrrss these stuff and more. Because the publishers are not.

Problems that we identified:
- Very much focus on using power over not consenting people.
- sexualization of unconsual body harm.
- racism in the setting.
- pushing players to abuse npcs.
- ableistic representation in the malcavians.
- questionable concepts of homesoil.

We also observed that there are a lot of right wing people in the fandom of the game and yeah it is not surprising.
We thing that the video game VtM Bloodlines does actually address some of the stuff in a good way, where the pen and paper implementation does not!
[CN Ableism for the next part]
Like the thing that it does not have you faking a mental illness when you play malcavian. You chose from pre scriped sentences. Which is imo way better.
[CN Sexual Abuse for the next part]
There is also not the sexualisation of drinking blood from humans. The pnp game is like that this is good for humans when you drink of them and kinda like an orgasm for them. So thats why it is ok. In the video game just a bar goes up. So it does not comment it and yeah it is a game mechanic and i think imoral but it is not sexualized.

So i think i forgot somethings also feel free to add. I played the game in the past and talking with a friend helped to realized on how problematic it actually is.

Minecraft/test, hottake 

There is this thing that ppl often use a wide variety of similar blocks to build the surface and yeah sometimes it makes sense but i am often like: yeah in offline world surfaces often look dull and well thr same. And it is why i want to build with less blocks to make kimda homogeneous surfaces.


Good thing that my body produces a good amount of T. So if i ever want more T again my body just makes it. And E is way easier to get, compared to T.

CW sexual violence 

I kinda don't know on what to think about this.

Lets try me to summerize it in english:
There is a dude that is sued for being left / part of a leftust group. He also was violent against women in the past. The group he was part of is now not giving him any support. Also there are no ambitions from the group to get him back in it (keine Täterarbeit). The leftist group is not supporting him with money in the lawsuit or any other way.

I think it all is problematic. Like what he did, but also how the group is handling it.


Lol why should i want so much wood in my good stone defences?

De, lang, umfrage 

Habt ihr schonmal auf als richtungs präposition gehört?

"Wir fahren auf Berlin."
"Ich gehe noch aufs Rathaus."

ah yeah alsa-ucm totally what i red when i saw it in the list.

Trauma, joke, therapy 

Trauma is an invention of the therapy industry to sell more therapy.

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