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cuteness meta 

not all of us are cute.
not all of us like being called cute.
pls do not call all of us cute.
thank you.

feel free calling some of us cute after asking if it is okay for us in this situation and we say yes it is ok.

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Grammer, singular plural, refering to me&us 

Sometimes people ask me if they should refer to us in singular or plural. And i think they expect a simple answer. But it's not that simple at least for us. When people are referring to activities that we do together like travelling (sometimes) or sleeping we prefer plural. Because all of us are ment not just one headmate. Other things like music taste is a more individual thing that differs from one to another. So here i prefer singular. Also body related stuff is always in plural because its our body.

For us the answer is not just singular or just plural. Its both.

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Plurality meta 

At the moment we are not seeking for an any medical diagnosis for our condition. We are not broken we are just different then most people. We do whatever feels right and seems to be the right way for us. Please respect that and avoid using medical terms for us. :bun_heart:

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Introduction post 

Hello, We are pretty new to this and there is still pretty much unclear. we are at least three headmates. We hope we can learn more stuff about thiss system and also of other systems. We also have trouble always knowing who exactly is fronting so to mark who fronts while writing a toot is difficult.

favourite animals 

cats, frogs, pigs possums. 🥺 we really miss having a pet.

WARNING: making the 👉👈 gesture invokes the "five fingered hand of Eris" symbol and promotes chaos. this is very cool and you should continue doing so!

politics, computer, vent, this is boostable if you want 

technology makes me so mad because it could be used to be good and constructive purposes but instead states, corporations, and all those "entrepreneur" assholes are exclusively using it to ruin everything

"did you hear about what's going on with computers today?" i guarantee that i can universally respond with "i hate that shit so much"

they make absolutely sure nothing good can come out of their technology without a serious catch (or it's just shit all the way through because its sole function is extracting money)

i wanna see more anarchist tech collectives and hackerspaces. i want these explicitly political computer organizations that are there to help communities in interfacing with all this cybre dystopian bullshit and supporting activists with their tech needs

-- demon dog :white_heart:

ill remix ur music?? :boost_requested: 

i have done these remixes:
a glitch remix of an industrial track by dorothy waste from this album

as well as a noise remix of a noise track:

and I have done a remix of a dubstep track which i think turned out great but it's not released yet!

I would like to remix pretty much any electronic genre, hyperpop, techno, electro, DnB, breakcore, dubstep, hmu and send me stems!


being cisgender (having one's gender identity tuned to the pitch of C♯)

improved our i3 on desktop a bit again. :3 now we have bigger easier to read window titles

wordle 218 

Wordle 218 4/6

Line 1: 2nd perfect.
Line 2: 2nd perfect.
Line 3: 2nd, 3rd and 4th perfect, but 1st in the wrong place.
Line 4: Won!

yeyy we did it

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what i love about linux is that it's not perfect but i can make it better, i can make it work! i really understand why not technically knowledgeable people may not like it, but i like that it requires tinkering to get it to work right and how i like it c:

deutsche linke, rant 

also wenn ich so sehe wie viele menschen ernsthaft behaupten kinder von nazis werden als nazis geboren...wie war das noch mal mit euren großeltern?

oops i did itagain. ordered a new plush shark. and a cuteee plush frog

linux printers 

what i mean when i say printers on linux are easy:
1. finding out that the default driver for the printer is not preinstalled.
2. finding out that brother does not provide packagebuilds for arch
3. finding out that someone put it up into the aur
4. finding out that there is an unlisted dependency
5 installing that and the driver and being happy.

and since i know how this works and i can easily install it via aur i only had to do the steps 4 and 5.
I think most people have a bit of a different understanding what "easy" printing is.

Question for people with glasses in Germany 

Have you bought glasses here? Are they always so expensive?

I cannot seem to find anything below €200 and i don't know if that's normal or it's just because i'm in Munich now

manatees follow alligators around out of curiosity apparently and they aren’t attacked because the gators don’t even know where to begin with a 1000 lbs sea potato. they just get annoyed and speed off. this has been todays “doesn’t sound real nature news”

Meta, Rant, Barrierefreiheit 

Warum halten es
(1) deutschsprachige
(2) sich gerne links dünkende
(3) oft auch aktivistische
Accounts eigentlich immer noch für tragbar, weder Bildbeschreibungen noch CWs in ihren Posts zu verwenden?

Endet euer politisches Bewusstsein echt schon an der Barrierefreiheit?

Ich sag's euch wie's ist: Dann traue ich euch auch sonst nicht viel zu.

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