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wolfpack introductions! 

raja - she/they - default and most frequent occupier of the body. it has been many years since I've met strangers on the internet. this place is a lot more confusing than birdsite but I'm excited to be here!

howlett - he/him - horny wolf with little life experience but strong opinions. still learning how to be a "person" that "interacts" with "people" and figuring out who I am, what I like and dislike, and all that stuff about existing.

puppy - it/its - the little one. often non-verbal. likes pats, praise, playing, treats, and people who give them! it has recently discovered a liking for communicating with cute stickers.

dating, sex, kink + 

r started dating/fucking someone new and disclosed howlett to them bc they referred to him as their "dom side" but it feels dishonest bc he's a whole other person and they were rly good about it!!

it's been about a month since r first started seeing them and now they wanna play with howlett too so they've booked a hotel room and howlett has his first date on wednesday!

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we haven't been on here much but life has been pretty good!! we're out to our closest friends now as a wolf pack system and it's nice having all of us accepted even if it's mostly r fronting, we get to be wolfy and receive lots of pats and cuddles

L/ I'm messaging some of raja's friends! the ones who know about us! maybe they'll wanna be friends

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L/ i want friends!!! i think i could make friends becus raja thinks i have a really good imagination but i want READY MADE friends

re: therapy, coming out + 

it went well!! she assured us that she's not gonna stop being our therapist and we made it clear that we don't want to integrate or get rid of any of us so she's going to help us work on making it work for us :3

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therapy, coming out 

decided we're gonna try and come out to my psych today... appointment's in 40 minutes... wish us luck

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hello!!! :3 our name is Laika and before that we were thought of as "raja-puppy" but now i wanna be Laika! i like pretty things and the colour pink and i like howlett becus he's really nice and funny

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we have another packmate! her name is Laika

long, therapy, coming out as plural, stigma etc 

we got a last minute appointment for tuesday with my psych and part of us rly wanna come out to her and the rest really don't

we/r's been seeing her since r moved here 6 years ago and we have rly good rapport and i trust her a lot but she did say she doesn't treat clients with DID anymore bc she had a traumatic experience

which i don't think we ARE but we weren't planning on telling her about that stuff bc it wasn't causing "clinically significant distress" (r studied psych lmao)

but we've been sharing the body a lot more, howlett's been growing and learning and has his own life now, things are changing and sometimes stuff is hard and scary and painful and maybe we want her to know about us and help us

pack(system) stuff 

hmmm we think there's someone else in here...


H/ it turns out... boobs are even better when they're specifically shown to you


r/ we also have 37 unread grindr notifications!! i never got that many when i was on grindr. i guess tops really are more popular. but he is very disappointed in grindr's lack of MILFs

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r/ I spent my morning trying to cancel subscriptions to shady porn sites because howlett thought it would be a good idea to give my credit card details to one of those "TRY NOT TO CUM" games

it seems to be a day where we have Feelings :c

art, eye contact, howlett has a human face now 


raja/ *checks phone after howlett's been fronting*

wow so my headmate's a slut

raja/ i haven't shared the brain+body this consistently or for such long periods of time before and it's nice to have company even tho i feel like we're bickering roommates

exercise, body image, whinge 

H/ I want to lift weights and get beefy but raja's all "noooo a home gym would be so much money and we'll waste money if we get a gym membership that we never use and remember the last time we got into lifting and couldn't fit into any of our clothes anymore"


H/ so what I'm getting is I should take up edging?

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