Musings on HRT (ftm), nsfw 

I have avoided taking T because I’m not sure how I or cishet society will feel about the effects.

Facial hair: Mixed feelings. Unsure if I’d like the look or feel of having it. I kinda like my light mustache now even though it’s “unfeminine”, but it’s *very* light. I do like stubble for some reason.

Receding hairline: Stereotyped as ugly, but maybe I wouldn’t care? Unsure.

Deeper voice: YES but worried it would weird out my family and friends and reset my singing skill to zero.

Acne: Acne scars are sorta cute to me, but active infected sores are never fun.

Body hair: Kind of interested, but maybe it would end up being a sensory bad instead of a sensory good.

Muscle growth: YES.

Stronger body odor: Not sure.

Genital growth: Honestly, YES.

Body fat redistribution/change: Unsure. I have mixed feelings about my current “feminine” shape. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t.

Periods stopping: YES.

Infertility: Oddly, not sure/no.

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