lost/dormant alter, sexual orientation, traumagenic misandry 

There used to be a straight girl (or bi maybe) girl in here. I’ve been calling her Blue Butterfly because her favorite shirt was black with a blue butterfly on it.

She went dormant because we got so disappointed by men that she just... gave up on ever finding a man she was attracted to AND could be safe with. She found that nerd boys who complain about not getting to be with the “hot” girls because they (nerd boys) are “too nice” are in fact NOT that nice.

It’s not impossible that we’d date a man in the future. It’s just unlikely because we’re so sexually and romantically picky about men (not necessarily in a good taste way, just in a niche taste way), and the main fronters are lesbian-leaning-bisexual.

re: lost/dormant alter, internalized biphobia, sexual orientation, traumagenic misandry 

Hmmm. It’s possible that there is some internalized biphobia of the category “if you’re a girl it’s ok to like girls BUT if you also like boys too that’s icky and cringey and dirty and if you get abused by a boy that’s your own fault”

That’s not fair, being sexually or romantically attracted to men is not evil, and Blue Butterfly should not be invalidated like that

On the other hand the rest of us are like “Remember when guy X did shitty thing Y? And guy W did shitty thing Z? And guy A did shitty thing B? MEN AREN’T SAFE AND CAN’T BE TRUSTED”

And then it’s like, on the other hand, what about the fact that men are people, and it’s possible for us to harm them, and we have a responsibility to not do that? What about our transmasc alters?

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