transmasc dysphoria, binders, anxiety 

too nervous to order a binder even from gc2b because what if it's the wrong size and I damage my ribs?

but also my chest feels terrible today

can't wear bras because the plastic in them is sensory hell


re: transmasc dysphoria, binders, anxiety 

@winter From experience, the GC2B binders are really soft and comfortable, so if you get the size a little off there isn't going to be any immediate damage. I have an underworks one and a gc2b one and the underworks one is like wiggling into a steel tube comparatively. I can't believe how soft the gc2b is and still able to bind really well, it's magic. I ordered mine internationally and was similarly worried but it all worked out.

A friend of ours has ordered a few from Shapeshifters also, who do custom tailoring so you can be extra super certain. gc2b has a good sizing guide though and offer help with that. plusses all around!

man, binders have come far since i ordered mine!! racerbacks look so good and comfy! I think we need a new binder OwO


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