Recommendation: I enjoy the writings of Daniel M Lavery (previously Daniel Mallory Ortberg of The Toast). He writes fun but thought-provoking things about his white, queer, American, academic/writerly transmasculine experience.

He has a memoir out called "Something That May Shock and Discredit You", which I haven't read yet, as well as a blog. The blog has some "paid subscribers only" posts, but many posts are free. Sometime when I'm less socially anxious I may take Lavery up on his offer to share individual paid posts for free with people in financial hardship.

The blog:


One subject Lavery likes to cover on his blog is transmasculine readings of literature and pop culture.

This post, "Cis Men (As Far As We, Like, *Know*) With Inexplicably Transmasculine Energy", is an example. I love queercoded readings in general, including transfem discussions of "we all know Samus is trans, right?" But "transmasc egg" subjectivity isn't discussed as much.

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