If you enjoy a somewhat academic though still emotional take on the transmasc, here is an article rec

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"[T]rans men’s relationship to gender cannot be understood by adding the privilege of maleness to the oppression of transness; the interaction between these axes substantively transforms both such that it generates an experience qualitatively different from either alone.

This qualitative difference is particularly salient for Black trans men and transmasculine people, whose experiences at the intersection of race, gender, and trans status are especially ill-captured by a sex-class approach. The assumption that masculinity necessarily means freedom from gender oppression ignores how race/ism is always gendered, and in particular how Black masculine people are gendered as inherently dangerous (and targeted for anti-Black violence on the basis of that “danger”)."

re: important quote from article, intersectionality, black trans men, feel free to boost 

"By attempting to conceptualize shared female experience independently of race, sex-class theory upholds white womanhood and manhood as definitive of gendered experience. In reality, however, Black trans men are frequently denied the presumption of innocence shared by the implicitly white “female sex class” even before transition. The moral credit of perfect victimhood which I feared transition would take from me was never a unifying trait of womanhood to begin with."

@winter a good read, if at several points frustrating (but, like, I think the author and I would probably agree that the ways trans women and trans men theorize transness tend to be mutually frustrating). thanks for linking it!

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