Is cracking your egg as a transmasc just man-ifesting?

hello fellow white people. it's easy to post "fuck the police" and say "i would never call the police" and listen to millions of dead cops and think 1312 thoughts but! have you considered what you would do INSTEAD of calling the fash? no? how about a lil homework:


deescalation seminar:

12 things to do instead:

not being a bystander:

LOTS of links:

multiplicity, headmates dating 

trying to be my own boyfriend

racism in FLOSS culture / call to FLOSS admins/devs 

Wish I could recommend cool free and open source games to people on here in good faith but I honestly can't because the Culture is so toxic. I was just playing openspades for example, and a player used the n-word and the f-word that is a homophobic slur in five consecutive messages, and when I pointed it out other players claimed it "wasn't worth bringing it up" or even worse asked "why are you offended?" followed by complaints about censorship etc when I obviously took issue with it.

This is an issue with the Free Software community as a whole, either utter indifference to open racist remarks or full-on support of them in the name of "freedom of speech". It stems from the culture of 4chan's /g/ board and infests anything that is open and fairly decentralized, since that draws them in. They know they have a foothold in these spaces because they always have, far before GNU Social and Pleroma. They may not be a majority in terms of actual developers, but unfortunately, by and large make up the most enthusiastic userbase of FLOSS software.

If you are an administrator of networked FLOSS software or a developer of it you have a responsibility to do something about this rampant racism and homophobia instead of letting your free platform sit on idle and feeling smug about yourself for self-hosting. I urge you to check right now if anything you are hosting, from chats to games to file hosting services, is being used by this toxic side of the community and if so to put a stop to it. They feel encouraged by the platforms they are given to the point where they have the fucking balls to join any given server, say the n-word, and expect nobody to take issue with it. If they want a platform, they ought to pay for it themselves or maintain their own fork, etc. Just stop sponsoring their bullshit with your free hosting and labor and they will rightfully feel less emboldened to be assholes out in the open.

:antifa: #deplatforming #antifa

Loaf is an underused word. We should call more things loaves.
Instant noodle brick? Noodle loaf.
Book? Loaf of words.
Bus? Transit loaf.
Server rack? Giant computer loaf.
Dog? Loaf of woof.

trans pol shitpost 

don't make me tap the sign!!

[the sign says "all your internalized sexism, transphobia, binary-normatism and transmisogyny doesn't magically dematerialize in a poof of smoke as soon as you realize you aren't cis"]

we argue about our fair share of silly crap on here but like. i get so thrown now when i see people posting neo nazi adjacent shit on other websites. that shit is tolerated because clamping down would mean less eyeballs seeing advertisements

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really glad that we debated all the right wing weirdos in the marketplace of ideas until they left.... oh wait you mean we just blocked them instead and cut off the supply of troll food that they require to sustain themselves, leaving their communities to rot in their own hateful filth? who could have predicted this

re: terfs 

@winter no one from the outside ever sees them engage in arguments that they "lose", and their constant insistence that barely substantiated sociological theories and over simplified medical info are "logic and facts" makes them look like they actually are approaching this with reason, not just struggling to uphold a crumbling binary system lol

re: terfs 

@winter terfs rely on the same "but logic and facts!!" attitude centrist/libertarian (and now more and more conservative people) do to convince people they're right. they don't actually have strong logic and facts they just say "it's logic and facts!!" about all arguments they like and then stubbornly ignore the ones they don't

Queer culture is emotionally *and* aesthetically superior to cishet culture

the answer to the long debated question "what does it actually mean to be a man, woman, or any nonbinary gender; like how are these terms defined", is simply (enraging transphobes everywhere) "that is up to the man, woman, or nonbinary person in question to decide"

if you are looking at other trans people and going "well that trans person *hates* x about themselves, but i don't in fact i kind of like it, does that mean i am not trans??" the answer is no. the answer is, what contributes to the gender id of one person, in no way affects the gender id (even if it's the same gender id in name) of another

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Mastodon is decentralized. That means that unlike twitter, where there is Only One Big User, mastodon is composed of many smaller users just like you.

hupol, anti-trans passed 

So all the modification suggestions were rejected by the 2/3 of seats of the pro-government and the base bill (without modifiers) was accepted by the 2/3 of the seats of the pro-government... From now, all Hungarian ppl will an extra field on their IDs (driver license, Personal ID Card, Passport) that says "Birth of sex: XXX" even if they live like, look like as the opposite gender and even if they have a name with the opposite gender.

So as a summary: You born as John and later you start a mtf transition. You get a name like Elizabeth and try to live your life as a girl and... well no one will give a shit you are a boy anyway.. oh yeah we know you are a girl, but you are a boy still. Like a Policeman stops you for a moment and if that policeman is transphobe, well... you know... it's not good. Or you want to travel to a country and on the border they see you as you are and they check your passport and you may not get through that border.

i'm not really changing; i have always been me. sometimes i just have access to totally different sections of my brain 😝

catperson silliness, NOT lewd 

*meows, purrs, rolls on the floor to show my belly*

Does the west even make "healing stories"? Japan has pretty much made a whole genre of it, but I can't think of any stories from America or Europe where all the characters are respectful of one another and get along, nothing terrible happens to anyone, and the purpose is just to make the viewer/reader feel calm. Western stories are always centered around some sort of conflict, and at least in my public education I was never taught that a story can be written any other way.

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