🎲 - Quakity slandering the host /hj 

Us to our host: This is our account to post on as ourselves. You have your own, many, accounts.

Daze, our host: Ok

Daze: posts here anyway

Yall remember our doc ss?

Well, this is the ancom in question

we've put them in a bunch of dif servers already and we've already got like 15 dif ppl who want to propose to them/would ide for them and we're not sure how to feel ab it

a key for our last art's flag/big hyperfixation hours

n e ways we are absolutely infatuated w the lore for our ocs so plz ask ab them if ur also interested bc bc bc uhm-

plz? 🥺 👉 👈

we finished the wip from the last post !!!

look at all our wonderful beautiful amazing stunning queer ocs whom we adore w our whole being !!!

they are so wonderful we love them !!!

feel free to ask us ab the flags or our ocs we LOVE talking ab them

stella n nana r only 14-15 so they're not entirely exposed to queer culture enough to join the hoarder squad, but soon.



self care is making all of your ocs trans gay, on hrt, and people of colour

have a wip of a big ass pride piece we're doing

in other news, our pico drew zer source character bc zem and our other fnf fictives were banging out to kawaiisprite's stress for like 4 hours so u all get to see it

fnf brainrot is real nods

[ 💗 Wyesh + 🔪​ Pico ]

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