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Full organized list of the most common people you'll see in our system [Long block text] 

-Saturday [they/ae/stim/it/he] -No Indicator-

☄️- Daze/Saturday/Tommy [they/ae/he/it]

📝- Auden/Three [he/vae/fun] -13 years-
🔥🔹- Dabi [he/they/smoke/🔥]
🏹- r!Wilburr Craft [sof/soft/softs]

Easily Front-Triggered
🐌- Snail/Moss [ae/fae/moss] 🏥
🐀- Salem [vae/sin/eni/or just vaer name] 🏥
🥩- Lucid/Dreamer [it/its or none] 🏥
⛈- Stormy [sea/she/they] -Little; 6 yrs.-
🍗- Hawks [avi/he/it/they]
💥- Bakugou [it/they/boom/💥]
💤- Aizawa [he/they/nem/nap]
⛓- Selever [he/they/anything but she] "0 = o" typing quirk
🦴- Techno/Tooth [👑/🩸/💀/it]🚝
-Phil/❤️- cc!Ph1lz4 [he/him aux, but any work]🚝
👑- Eret [any pronouns]🚝
🐔- Tommy/Big T [he/him/pog]🚝
🐼- Sapnap [he/any] 🔥? 🔥typing quirk🚝
📔- Karl Jacobs [they/bun/he]🚝
⛏- Big Q/Alex [he/any] 🚝
🩹- Sixty [he/they]
🐶- Connor [he/him/pup]
🦷- Nines [it/its/them] -Nonverbal-
🕶- Tony Stark [he/they]
💣- Whitty [he/they/it] Mono typing quirk
🎤- Ruvia [it/he/beat/🎶]
☕️- Ruvyzar [he/h3/sh3/dae]
🔫- Pico [he/it/pog/h3/x]

Other Frequents
📓- Buck [he/any]
⚡️- Thor [he/fae/they]
🔱- Sam/ Sam Nook [he/they]
🌊- Ghostbur [they/🌊/sea/blue]🚝
--->💙🌊 REGRE!Ghostbur [blue/gho/it/they] -13 yr.s-
🥔- Dave/Terrence [he/him]🚝
💿- Dre [h3/sh3/th3y/1t]🚝
📦- Fell [he/him]
🛡- Break [he/they/xe]
🚛- Optimus [he/him/any]
🇺🇸 - America/Ame/Meri [she/fae/he] extraa letterr att thee endd typingg quirkk
🇷🇺- Russia/Russ [he/him/they]
🇨🇦- Canada/Nada [bun/it/they]
🍵- Qae [any pronouns]
🐸- Sean/Jack [he/they/pog]
🧃- Mark [he/she]
🕷- Peter [he/they/she/it/bun]
🎶🎙🎤- Mason [they/blue/boop/🎶self]

Emergency/Trauma Fronters
💀- Corpse [he/they] Bold typing quirk
🐏- Schlatt [any pronouns] 🚝
🌧 - Kris [he/they] -Little; 8 yr.s-
🦾- Bucky [they/he] (situational)☃️
❄️- Winter [he/him] ☃️
✋- Shigiraki [he/they] L33tsp34k typing quirk
🎲- Quakity [he/they/voi/dead]🚝

☃️= Cozy Winter Subsystem
🚝= TrainWreck Package Sidesystem
🏥 = Averion Hemisystem

We couldn't fit it all in our bio/didn't want to clog up our bio so here you go instead

🎃 - Ponk: casual m3ntion of fusion 

quackity: sland3rs th3 host

th3 host: fus3s with som3on3 3ls3 and los3s th3i host titl3

quakity: surpris3d pikachu fac3

[🎃 Ponk!]

dissociation ment 


dissociatin time bitch <3

who am i?

who know <3333 /s

🎲 - Quakity slandering the host /hj 

Us to our host: This is our account to post on as ourselves. You have your own, many, accounts.

Daze, our host: Ok

Daze: posts here anyway

this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

me reading people's bios:
smh no minecraft SpIn? how will we ever be friends
(lighthearted joke)

Trying to understand all the horrible shit that's going on in the world and the meanings of the words the people standing up against the wrong when you barely have the mental capacity to read your own text messages is a constant uphill battle of "I don't understand this, but I want to, but I don't know if I have the energy to try"

if you read tarot and you're white, here's a timely spread to try out. even if you don't read tarot, these are still good questions to ask.

#tarot #spread

It's not that money can't buy happiness so much as it is rich people are usually unhappy because they are deeply sick in their souls, because of the people they've exploited to become so and the unacknowledged truth that they didn't earn it.

behind every great man is a rich family and 50 years of industry connections

I hope that one day we will view sending cops to treat suicide situations as barbaric as we now see sending barbers to do surgeries.

super not into the trend of parents coming onto tiktok or other teen/ young adult heavy spaces and being like "Hey! I know emotionally abusive parents exist, but sometimes parents are human and make mistakes! *I* do these things on your list and *I'm* not emotionally abusive! Your parents are just human and some of you are just coming to terms with your parents being human, not abusive" without like.. qualifying anything? if youre gonna force people to second guess their trauma and abuse, you need to come handy with some kind of differentiation and to also acknowledge that "human mistakes" at the hands of adults can absolutely traumatize kids. the fuck?

stop denying children their personhood, holy shit. the biological act of creating and laboring out a child and successfully keeping one alive to adulthood doesn't make a parent a good parent or one that remotely knows what they're talking about.

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i am nonbinary, which means, instead of being a boy or a girl, i'm exhausted

i'm queer as fuck. if that makes you uncomfortable then i'm just going to be queerer and fuckier to spite you.

To all my neo-pronoun, xenogender, otherkin, non-human, and otherwise "weird gender" friends
Y'all are amazing and I love y'all. Keep being unapologetically yourselves.

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