thank you and gn

[🐦​ Philza]

"Being frontstuck after not wanting to front is instant karma" - Techno


[🦜 Phil!]

being in a body where no one knows who you [the body] are after coming from somewhere where you're known by everyone is actually strangely comforting.

not everyone is breathing down my neck, trying to figure out when my next fuck up is gonna be.

[ 🕶️ Tony Stark]

constantly looking at this tab and wanting to contribute something funny to the internet but never having a solid braincell long enough to actually meaningfully say something be like

*tiredly looks at phone emoji*

[ 🍵 Qae]

talking w optimus be like

*another compliment*
*another one*
*one more*
*add another one*
*add one mo-*

"optimus i'm trying to talk to you about why i want to burn down the government"

[ 🍵 Qae]

Yall remember our doc ss?

Well, this is the ancom in question

we've put them in a bunch of dif servers already and we've already got like 15 dif ppl who want to propose to them/would ide for them and we're not sure how to feel ab it

bruh moment when your partners are fuckin pretty n ur not sure how u ended up w such catches *nods*

[ 🔫 Pico]

sef; care is stayin up all night then lseeping until 5[m

n e ways gm w ejust woke up

ignore them they're just mad bc it and whitty couldn't remember the word "immediately"

[ 💗 Wyesh ]

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english language large and confusing. why so many words mean same thing?? just use one word.

[ 🎤 Ruv ]

just realized how little this makes sense w/out context but it makes it even funnier for me so im not giving context

[ 💣 whitty]

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system shenanigans, not canon fnf 

me, absentmindedly: mason [bf fictive] is a malewife

mason, looking up confusedly: what's a malewife?????

pico: these positions are supposed to be reversed

[ 💣 whitty]

whitty, randomly: wait- do i have a heart

me, saturn: yea dude we're in the same body ofc we have a heart

whitty: no in MY body- i have my brain in my chest where tf is my hearT??????

me:.... oh shit do u???

u ever just stay up all night, knowing u have somewhere to be the next day, but ur doing it on purpose bc u hate where you're going n u know ppl will leave u alone more if ur tired

what r u talking ab we're not doing that rn shush

[ 🪐 saturn ]

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