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+m+ anyway ale o toki e toki pona.
tan ni: ona li toki pona :> /hj

+m+ does anyone feel like there is sometimes a certain compulsion? desire? for a specific headmate to return to front

for us, it's not even when ait is even particularly close to front or aitself wants this. just, a feeling as if being ait is just a default state of being for us and everyone would feel the most comfortable when ait's in front
and she is probably the least functional emotionally out of all of us, so it's not that either

basically it'll probably be a good idea for me to just try to stay in front for a while and see if the feeling subsides. and also find some acts of Being Performatively Me that actively bring me joy (there's a lot of this for 4nf that exists and that might be one of the reasons it's the most stable in front)

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