okay this floor is actually disgusting and idk if i can even clean it all with just this spray cleaner and scrub. hell the scrub is more filthy than the floor at this point! - 🦉

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well that was unfortunate, a lot of us went dormant for a couple weeks, just kinda out of nowhere. most of us still are but i guess im back?

got stuck cleaning the bathroom floor because of a leak twig was trying to clean when we switched, which sucks, but i think ive done a better job than he was at least. - 🦉

new phone's pretty nice, a lot bigger than before. still don't have service yet because of the provider closing early today, but twig says he'll take care of it tomorrow. - 🦉

new phone's coming in tomorrow, twig says it'll have user profiles so we can like, each have our own wallpapers and stuff, which is cool i guess. maybe this one will actually be faster and won't take almost a minute to open messages. - 🦉

Well, insomnia is definitely one thing that effects us all. Perhaps later I'll test if anything else Twig has effects us too. - 💉

having insensitive friends that are basically impossible to remove from a friend group is the worst. especially when they don't even consider you to be "real" - 🦉

figuring out what kind of system we are was fun. we're all finally happy with "diversian", and i think it's raised our host's spirits up a bit. - 🦉

We've had an influx of new headmates, and I'm so excited! I love greeting new members! I don't know if they'll begin posting here, but I hope they do, they've all been so fun to talk with! - 🤍

We haven't had much time to post anything, mainly because a lot of us haven't been able to front often. Not sure why, though. I'm glad to be back again, though! Me and Twig are fronting together, and it's been fun! I got to help him be productive the past few days, too! - 🤍

It turns out that feeling I had was indeed a headmate that was still forming. Multiple headmates, it seems. Looks like our headspace is going to be busy for a while. - 💉

Is it possible to have a co-consciousness with a headmate that's still not, here, persay? I've experienced this a few times now, once even while fronting with Selene. She says she didn't notice anything, but I could've sworn I felt like there was someone else with us, yet, nobody was in sight. - 💉

Sometimes simply reaching out to someone you know is having trouble is enough to keep them going. Even headmates. Don't neglect your headmates, even the more negative ones. You never know, they might stop being so negative if you reach out to them and ask why they are the way they are. Of course it's different for every system, but it's nice to keep in mind, just in case you do need to help one that's being troubled. - 💉

He got overwhelmed, like always, and nobody decided to front other than me. I fucking hate being here. I don't even know why I'm writing this, I hardly care. - 🔪

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Today's our first day with a job, and I think Twig is handling it well so far! We've got about 4 hours to work today, so it's not as long and stressful as his last job. We're making sure he doesn't get too stressed out again. The first delivery was a long trip but I think we did fine. - 🤍

Well... Twig blacked out earlier today.. And we do have a new headmate.. But he hasn't said anything, hasn't interacted with anyone.. I hope he isn't mean like Omega is.. - 🦀

Host is acting tired.. He says the headspace feels fuzzy, just like before I showed up.. We might end up having another headmate, but.. If it means he blacks out again it's not going to be enjoyable for him.. I hope he doesn't.. - 🦀

Thinking about whether or not we should write up a pinned post for our more detailed descriptions, or if we should simply leave it at our simple ones in our bio. We do occasionally find new headmates after Twig gets attached to a character, so it might be needed in the future. - 🌿

Do you have to act so serious about this? Come on, loosen up and relax, post something less boring! We're here so we can have fun, right? - 🤍

We're here so we can have a place to share our thoughts to others, so I'll post exactly that, what I'm thinking. - 🌿

It's getting really cold.. I wish we had better heating in here.. Our room is very small, it doesn't hold heat very well.. - 🦀

Host is finally taking steps to heal from his breakup and express boundaries about things, and I'm so happy for him! - 🤍

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