more venting about opening up to singlets and dismissiveness 

i think what gets me most is how i linked a video that specifically was about "questions your system friends wish you would ask" and least one watched it all the way and said "oh this bit here and here made sense to me" but still didn't...bother to ask or ever bring it up again, even though it specifically says when you ignore us or pretend we're singlets or don't bother to ask us anything, it hurts.

i guess it's just so much easier to pretend we're not real, but that doesn't mean you should. :/ idk. i'm frustrated. i'm done whining about it for now.


venting about having singlet friends, suppressing plurality 

i have a handful of friends who i opened up as plural to. occasionally they'll hear me reference being plural and say something like "oh, neat, i'll have to learn more about this stuff" and then...never mention or acknowledge it again or ever ask questions about it

and if i flat out say "hey if anyone has questions about it, feel free to ask me, I'm always ready to help", especially in the context of me writing something specifically for singlets to help them understand a variety of plural perspectives, i will get the same radio silence

i get that people have other things they want to do, but i just... don't...don't tell me you're interested in learning about this if you're not actually interested. this kind of thing feels so dismissive. i'm trying to help you understand a complex part of my life because you literally said you want to learn more and you're just dropping the subject

it feels like when you're sitting around chatting as a group and you finally get to speak, only for everyone to go "ohhh so anyway as I was saying, <insert other thing here>" because they don't care

that's what that feels like. ask me questions. help me help you understand. don't just ignore this really huge part of my life.

this is why we tend to never interact with people as a system. it's always just me pretending to be a singlet because no one wants to acknowledge that plural thing, but they're too afraid of conflict to directly shut me down for it.

i can't make people respect or acknowledge our plurality, but i won't pretend it doesn't hurt to get dismissed, either.

food, eating 

:ms_western_dragon:​ We made a big rustic-feeling breakfast and honestly I have genuinely never felt more satisfied after cooking myself a meal (normally, I despise cooking). Time to enjoy the rest of my coffee and enjoy my morning off of work for once. And, of course, later on K will get the cinnamon rolls he was promised. -R

mental health, therapy, trauma 

I opened up to my psychiatrist about us being plural and asked for help finding a therapist that would be receptive to it. He found two, and I think I chose which one I'd like to go with. I'm very scared, and I'm sure Khad is too. But I know we need to see someone for our other stuff and we want someone who's not going to make a HUGE deal about the plural thing without a good reason to, while also recognizing that it is a part of "me." It's been a long time since we had a therapist though our past one was accepting - we just had to move last-minute. I hope this one is equally as eager to listen and hear our explanations/thoughts on our plurality. I'm just really worried about someone trying to immediately pathologize it. I know it's not all that common for a therapist to apply a diagnosis or label that doesn't fit, but it could still happen. I want all of my neurodivergence to be considered while we talk about this. Not JUST the trauma I experienced.

But I'm just as worried that we'll get a therapist who merely brushes it off as fake, too. Plurality is such a diverse experience, I don't want someone to just dismiss it entirely just because it's not meeting textbook DID/OSDD/etc criteria. It's still part of my life, and a significant one. A lack of impairment or dysfunction doesn't make it insignificant, you know?


I just went into The Emerald Nightmare raid and realized how similar our inner world is to the part of the Emerald Dream that we are allowed to see after completing it. Super weird.

Multitober 2+3 Inner World 

I'm skipping the names prompt since we already technically did that, and going back to do the first two :)

We never know what to call this. Inner world, soulscape, mindscape... But it's a section of a lush forest with a small clearing and a body of water, like a large pond. In the clearing there's a campfire/bonfire space and log seating. There's an entrance deeper into the forest that is ordinarily reserved for spiritual things - I am a pagan occultist and have sort of accidentally turned my inner world partially into a link to my practice. This would be how I "communicate" with my deity; a visualization of Him appears. Merely an echo, but it helps me to have a visual.

We haven't "built" the inner world past this yet. But it also came kind of already formed if that makes sense? I have had this mindscape longer than Khad has been here, or at least longer than I knew he was here. I do intend to do some work on it though. I'd like more space and landmarks. Who knows, maybe more systemmates will appear later on who want a place to hang and live.

Bit of an I guess! Very pleased and scared to be here! I'm Riley, and the other resident in this mess of a brain is Khadgar (Khad, for short). We're new to Mastodon, but hopefully we can learn how to use it quickly!

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