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Gaz is co-front with me and this is his first Picrew and i love him

re: roommate sleep talking adventures 

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roommate sleep talking adventures 

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my roommate always fucks w/ me when im sleep talking to get me to do it more, bc im infamous for it

but now it is the ROOMMATE that is sleep talking >:3c

PSA about antisemitic dogwhistles, politics, 

mental health, mania (-) 

kemetic orthodoxy, median funnies 

median struggles 

suddenly changed plans from going to the gym to going to a trans bowling night we just learned is in an hour

time to agonize over whether to ask people to use it/its for me or cave into pressure and suffer through 'they'

surgery mention, ouchies 

religion, kemetic orthodoxy 

mental health, minor neg 

so i gotta find pronouns that all of muis will be okay being called by and shx/hxr/hxrs where it's pronounced "shhhhh"/"hhhhrrrr" like you start saying the pronoun and the rest is radio static noises?


cons? literally only works in text and mental sound. :V


Emoji Sign-Offs 2.0 (will update again im sure)

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_v_clw_l2:​ and :ms_v_clw_y2:

Magpie -- :ms_crow:

Eleanor -- 🐐​ (temp until she picks one)

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

death of a famous musician, im behind on this news by almost 2 years apparently, sad 

just relationship anarchy/polyam things:

helping your wife get another partner 3 days after just getting married www

it's our first anniversary (yesterday) and we just realized she has another anniversary on the 12th :P

dreams, brian david gilbert, mind control/literal identity theft by faeries 

intersexism, ben affleck smoking meme, biological essentialism isn't the answer to transphobia y'all 

surgery, drains, stitches, unpleasant body things but im ok 

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