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Gaz is co-front with me and this is his first Picrew and i love him

re: roommate sleep talking adventures 

this is after he initially started saying "flowers" and when i tried to ask him about them he just kept repeating "flowers." Same with "onion." And at one point he just said "yea" outta nowhere.

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roommate sleep talking adventures 

he just said "thank you" so I said "you're welcome" and then asked what he was doing, and he just mumbled "im tryna sleep" xD he's definitely not awake either

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my roommate always fucks w/ me when im sleep talking to get me to do it more, bc im infamous for it

but now it is the ROOMMATE that is sleep talking >:3c

PSA about antisemitic dogwhistles, politics, 

hey y'all, if you're talking about the wealthy sadists in power in this world, please be mindful of describing them as "wealthy elites" or using the word "elite" because I swear every time I see that i gotta stop and do a thorough check to make sure you're not actually talking about Jewish people and I'm tired of it.

Like I get that it's a word that fits here in common use, but in political context it's a really big antisemitic dogwhistle and we have to be more careful how we use that word in discussions like this :/

this isn't in response to anything I've seen recently on the Fediverse so much as something I see in general in some Leftist discussions and like. Im just sayin we gotta be more careful with that word.

mental health, mania (-) 

im so uselessly manic. it's past 4am, im still restless and full of energy i can't direct towards anything, and im tempted to go wandering the quiet night streets.

but i think im finally tired enough i could go to bed if i had a nice thought to take with me

kemetic orthodoxy, median funnies 

I like how the way Kemetic Orthodoxy views the NtR basically turns out to view them like a huge median system

I can vibe with that.

median struggles 

I don't wanna stop bein Davepeta bc i feel like i didn't get the time to do what I really wanted to. But I feel Alice sort of on the horizon here and Im not sure whether I wanna try to stay or just let the phase happen and embrace Alice-ness. :/


suddenly changed plans from going to the gym to going to a trans bowling night we just learned is in an hour

time to agonize over whether to ask people to use it/its for me or cave into pressure and suffer through 'they'

surgery mention, ouchies 

i had to pound my chest to get something out in a cough and now my poor post-op muscles are sore ;-;

religion, kemetic orthodoxy 

So I guess I'm filling out an application to join the next Kemetic Orthodoxy beginner class

I just lack so much for spiritual community, and after Sekhmet reached out to muis last month, I've been antsy to learn in a more guided way how to reach out in return.

mental health, minor neg 

sometimes u wake up full of The Disorder and it sucks

so i gotta find pronouns that all of muis will be okay being called by and shx/hxr/hxrs where it's pronounced "shhhhh"/"hhhhrrrr" like you start saying the pronoun and the rest is radio static noises?


cons? literally only works in text and mental sound. :V


death of a famous musician, im behind on this news by almost 2 years apparently, sad 

I only just learned Dolores O'Riordan died last year and now im really sad :( I didn't expect to get hit by this so suddenly or so hard, really, but I was so excited when D.A.R.K. was announced bc her voice with a bassist from the Smiths? amazing. and it was! and apparently it is no longer because she passed last January :( i have a sad now.

may her memory be a blessing.

just relationship anarchy/polyam things:

helping your wife get another partner 3 days after just getting married www

it's our first anniversary (yesterday) and we just realized she has another anniversary on the 12th :P

dreams, brian david gilbert, mind control/literal identity theft by faeries 

I had a dream the other night where I was Brian David Gilbert and a fae double of me was leading me through the story of the dream, and in the end tried to steal my mind through a consciousness transference or something? But it didn't work, so i got stuck in a time loop and he tried again and it still didn't work. Meanwhile i was just super oblivious and all like :D this is fine i'm perfectly ok!

My mind couldn't be hijacked. I wonder what that says abut BDG. :v

intersexism, ben affleck smoking meme, biological essentialism isn't the answer to transphobia y'all 

dyadic trans ppl: brain sex studies prove we're really the genders we say we are!!

dyadic trans ppl: i wish i was intersex so i'd have an easier excuse for being trans

dyadic trans ppl: being trans might be an intersex condition of the brain!!

intersex trans ppl:

surgery, drains, stitches, unpleasant body things but im ok 

Boutta go get my drains out finally, because they started hurting a lot yesterday and we had to take the tape off that was holding one down but started tugging on it.

Im glad i didnt learn till just before I go to get them out that they were stitched into me this whole time o . o ;;; that woulda given me some intrusive thoughts

surgery, body horror joke, for halloween lol 

this year i was the pumpkin who got carved

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