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ok the brown furby is getting named "mumbleweed the legy" and the pink one is "glurfish"


They got lost in delivery because they put the package on the wrong doorstep, and the package looked weird so i totally missed it! It looks like a cooler! :o

Im not sure what to name the furbs yet, the pink one might still work on the tech end, but the brown one is definitely broken there. That's ok! :3

!!! I learned you can get furbies easier on some sites other than ebay, scored these two friends!!

I'm gonna turn the one on the left into a Furb-rantula, and the one on the right into a Long Furby but shaped like an Eastern Dragon-lookin thing? But for now they are just regular-body friends.

And of course there's the matter of names, haven't worked those out yet. Probably will when I actually get them in the mail :P

*scrolling sadly through my massive list of Discord servers*

~"all around me are familiar faces..."~

weird sleep, bipolar moods are weird 

silliness about benzo medications being pokemon evolutions 

Wei REALLY gotta sign our dang posts because Eleanor didn't and now it just looks confurrusing B//

but the emojis stopped showing up so i cant use green claws! DDB


the process of integrating-as-median, neutral? not good or bad? 

Apparently I get to scare and mess with other people because I'm the only facet in this collective that can show emotions in ways that no one thought wei were capable of because the rest of muis is so flat?? :P this is hilarious

hey im a new facet, integration cw but positive + not total? 

Some fun stuff: getting back into daemonism 

exotrauma, recovered memories, abuse 

i wish i had funnier things to say, more "content" to post here or whatever, that i interacted with others more here

but fact is, this is the only place on the whole internet where i feel safe. where i feel like i can vent and talk about my feelings and maybe someone will read it and care.

where i'm not really ... expected? to produce "content." where it matters a lot less. and where i can interact or ignore whatever is going on as much as i feel able to. i dont have a constant stream of info and Content ™️ and especially politics and discourse shoved in my face constantly.

this is really the only safe place i feel exists for me online right now.

mental health, alexithymia i didn't know i had 

flashbacks, emotional support animal (tarantula), positive 

did you know that you are just allowed to be a girl?

i don't have first hand experience but i have it on good authority that this is true of other genders, as well

hey why can't I see the custom emojis that are on this instance? :o it all just keeps translating to the text

fibromyalgia, negative 

The thing about Queer Eye is that it shows how most folks lives could be completely, meaningfully transformed, with like $10,000

queer masculinity is not cishet masculinity

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