why didn't anyone tell muis the new Terraria Zoologist NPC was a hot wolf furry omg

im quitting all doctors forever now thx

mental health idea, not sure how serious i am, but still 

concept: a group where people can ask for help with reality-checking and those in consensus reality can give informed grounding assistance.

bc honestly sometimes I want a token lucid friend to tell me my fears aren't real, actually. but in an understanding way.

you must either STAN or CANCEL


I just got back into front and it feels like the body's been on a real long journey before getting back to me, i'm exhausted in every way

x x

@Chrismohr thank you for liking that so fast you're helping me prove a point :P

hormones be like 

high T: no crying ever! >:(

high E: you're gonna cry over how powerful "Susan" is as a name

@thepride Thanks so much for digging these up for me and the tip toward Johns Hopkins (oof the relationship i have w/ that place as a trans person x x What a wild ride Hopkins has been on!)

I'm having to find the source since some Unpleasant People from Unpleasant Groups have made r/AskIntersex a place to drag trans people in the guise of bad faith discussions about tension between intersex and trans people. x x;; Alas, there are many people claiming AGAB language was created by this group or that group, but no sources.

does anyone have a source on the origin of CAGAB/AGAB language? i've always heard it was coined by trans women, but i actually need to find a source on that now and i can't seem to find it! :o i swear i remember seeing it before though?


since my bb turned out to be a mature male, and i don't know how much longer she's gonna be wandering around like the precious horny bean she is :< I found someone who does these beautiful tarantula patches that are incredibly realistic, and I'm commissioning a custom order from them for an avic. metallica patch :3 so i'll always get to show off my bb

Gaz made us a system server, and it's weird that we're actually going to get real use out of this one. 

Before, many years ago when I first tried to make us a server, I was really the only one fronting and we didn't have the kind of memory issues or struggles that would make it necessary to have a system server. Likewise, without Pluralkit back then, it wouldn't have worked as well to share an account without everyone signing off and definitely wouldn't have felt as good as it does with PK?

But now we're more functional, we have a switching schedule and three of us are splitting up the week now. Our memory is more separate nowadays (and more garbage in general) so it makes sense to leave notes for each-other and especially make sure people who need it have emergency information like fire dept and poison control numbers and stuff like that?

It's just wild that we're in this position now, but tbh Im happier this way. Like now we really do have to work together actively.

just fired my therapist, waiting for her reply text now and im dying inside

( :

Emoji Sign-Offs 2.0 (will update again im sure)

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_v_clw_l2:​ and :ms_v_clw_y2:

Magpie -- :ms_crow:

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

yes hello I am the Pink Facet i couldn't decide which i wanted so i got Both


light body image and clothes fitting griping 

followup: but also pls can my body fat pick one way to distribute itself consistently so i can fit clothes?? i just wanna wear clothes?

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it is in the oven after advancing from watery stuff to paste, and from smelling like alka seltzer to smelling like alka seltzer with a hint of rotten egg?

but it's in the oven! \o/ and wont smell so bad once it's out and i can crush it into grains

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