mania, psychosis, self-doubt, i think this is funny personally 

mental health joke 

Do I unlock an achievement for having been every letter in LGBTQIA (and P if you include polyamory?)


im gonna be on my intersex shit for a while now bc the more i talk to more intersex ppl the more im like ??? Oh wait?? what??? same hat??? actually??? i wasn't reaching or making that up????

like i thought i had figured out everything i was going to about myself by this time, as far as queer stuff goes (i know this is medical too but yknow)

"-- but wait, there's more!" life said to me

positive, intersex dysphoria, surgery ment 

you've heard of Hopeless Romantics, now get ready for: 

Emoji Sign-Offs 2.0 (will update again im sure)

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_v_clw_l2:​ and :ms_v_clw_y2:

Magpie -- :ms_crow:

Eleanor -- 🐐​ (temp until she picks one)

negative feelings/fears about myself and how i come off to others 

im in such a mixed episode and im really manic-feeling rn and i cant sleep omg please make it stopppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

but also dont bc manic!me likes it but actually pls i just wanna sleep for more than 5 hours

hey happy coming out day, Im Super Aromantic/Quoiromantic and didn't realize till this past year how very very :ms_aro_sign:​ I was and how much it's impacted my life. It factors so so much into my identity as a queer person and I'm glad I no longer have to hide it or be afraid of talking about it.


@LadyMargaret the poll closed before i could vote but Yes and Yes absolutely

Played FNAF4 myself for the first time instead of just watching :O I made it to 4am of Night 5 in half an hour! :D Im good at this!

I love that "Scare Bear" (what I call Freddy Fazbear) also rhymes in Spanish as "Oso Espantoso" :P

re: intersex, questioning, venting about medical neglect 

intersex, questioning 

Huh. I haven't felt particularly connected to the Malkavian-hearted part of myself in a long time, but I saw a post about vampires and went ! :o?

I'm also not quite sure which of muis I am? I think Wix is who I began as/am a little still but ... might be moving Alice-ways? :o Might explain it.

Awhh. Gives me warm fuzzies.

ok so im one of those FNAF Theory People:tm: who's been following the lore since the very beginning, and ofc this means tuning into MatPat begrudgingly when he gets me with SOME kinda weird theory title.

But am i the only one who feels like he's like .... toned down a lot of the things that made his videos really annoying to watch before? Even if you don't like his theories I think he puts interesting ideas together sometimes an they've been more and more watchable lately. Less obnoxiously edited?

@woomy Hope you don't mind if I add it's also a nonhuman right? For those of us pursuing that sort of thing/IDing that sort of way?

why do i make comments on otherkin reddit

why do i do this to myself?

!!!! I love!! being a cat ! It's Real Cat Hours 🐱​:ms_paw_print::ms_cat_scream:

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