yes hello I am the Pink Facet i couldn't decide which i wanted so i got Both


Muir final birthday present (ignoring a very belated one due to world events complicating shipping) is another shiny!! :D I've had my eyes on this enamel pin for a long time and it's very exciting.

I got some lovely belated birthday pins! The first is an intersex pride pal from Fursona Pins (courtesy of my wife,) and the second is an angelic Long Furby button set that my butch got me :3 <3

nose ring ✅
long leather boots ✅
neckerchiefs and scarves ✅ (used to do more, should get back into)

feelin Validated:tm: as a femme rn

To anyone else on the Millenial/Gen Z cusp (1996/1997), do you remember The Dog, and how does it make u feel?

(people outside the cusp also welcome)

Gaz is co-front with me and this is his first Picrew and i love him

intersexism, ben affleck smoking meme, biological essentialism isn't the answer to transphobia y'all 

dyadic trans ppl: brain sex studies prove we're really the genders we say we are!!

dyadic trans ppl: i wish i was intersex so i'd have an easier excuse for being trans

dyadic trans ppl: being trans might be an intersex condition of the brain!!

intersex trans ppl:

surgery mention, we got a new bedset and its cute!! 

surgeon: you need to wash your bedding the night before surgery

roommate: hey lets just buy a new bedset

:3 it looks nice

LGBT+ acronym discourse/ace discourse, but jokes; (not exclusionary) 

sometimes i see bad takes and instead of giving the good take i just wanna take the piss

awhhh Glurfish looks so happy now :D they're all clean! Happy furby :3

I was worried about them at first because they looked and felt sad when i got them and i didn't know what might make them feel better, but this seems to have helped <3

Im washing Glurfish's skin right now and its so sad looking


They got lost in delivery because they put the package on the wrong doorstep, and the package looked weird so i totally missed it! It looks like a cooler! :o

Im not sure what to name the furbs yet, the pink one might still work on the tech end, but the brown one is definitely broken there. That's ok! :3

!!! I learned you can get furbies easier on some sites other than ebay, scored these two friends!!

I'm gonna turn the one on the left into a Furb-rantula, and the one on the right into a Long Furby but shaped like an Eastern Dragon-lookin thing? But for now they are just regular-body friends.

And of course there's the matter of names, haven't worked those out yet. Probably will when I actually get them in the mail :P

trauma/exotrauma, negative but with memes bc im a fool 

me, experiencing this-world trauma: i know! i'll play my source's sequel game to make me feel better bc then i wont have my trauma right up in my face

me, forgetting I have exotrauma from this source and I have to watch the beginning cutscenes again, thus triggering even more severe exotrauma and psychosis/dissociation:

me: *listens to Hawthorne Heights again to re-visit my emo nostalgia with my QPP for fun*

me: *actually feels sad after listening to it*

IDK if gifs play on Masto? But my icon actually is half of a gif that transitions between four flags (genderfae/schizo-spec and xenogender/femme lesbian) and it's not perfect but it's mine and it makes a good tiny Discord icon.

tried something based on how wei tend to be co-present/phase back and forth when writing long posts about focused topics. Davepeta will start writing really causally in all lowercase, and then suddenly wei switch to some amount of capitals and punctuation, different grammar, etc.

Playing with how to show the way wei phase and interact, and i think this color-overlay thing seems to work?

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man wei're in a weird mood state rn that's primarily depressive but like

wei're also wildly swapping between facets and honestly it's like

i tried making a diagram of our median collective and its kind of a mess

how does this all equal one person? wei don't even know but somehow wei do.

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