There's so many important political news posts i wanna reblog, but that aren't CW'd in any way despite frankly describing horrible things.

I wanna signal boost the messages, y'all, but i don't want to expose others to that (who would be more vulnerable to the trauma of it than me in many cases) without warning. :/

on cw'ing for distressing current events 

@vanish create a new post with cw's and use it to link to the post that you want to reblog?

we personally tend to assume, though, that with our particular set of followers, people will be one of the following:

- have already been keeping up with the news independently and have seen it already
- are avoiding news due to personal trauma and boundaries
- are following other people who will be boosting said news in due time

re: on cw'ing for distressing current events, thoughts on boosting 

@vanish in general we find it more helpful to boost posts about *how* to help, rather than *what* is happening, as the former tends to be less widespread knowledge than the latter - and the two do not necessarily need to be contained in the same post

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