politics, transphobia, intersexism, forced sex reassignment 

transphobes fearmonger about "forcing transition" on trans kids and how we're letting kids get irreversible surgeries etc when they might "change their minds"

but in Cali just recently when they tried to pass a bill to stop the forced sex reassignment of intersex children? crickets. fucking crickets. and the bill dies.

they don't actually care about children, they care about conformity. not that any trans or intersex person was fooled.

California, queerphobia, medicine 

@vanish We grew up for the first nine years of our life in California, and more and more, it seems like one of those go-big-or-go-home states. I remember coming of age during Prop 8 (when we were living in Oregon) and being scarred for life by the rhetoric that was hurled around.

Also, labeling acetominophen as a carcinogen was something I heard about this week. Can Cali chill a lil bit 😂

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