meta about basing identities in trauma and how it hinders healing 

When we base our identities in trauma, we have often already hindered our healing processes.

Because if you ever heal, then what of the identity you based around all the pain you felt? What of the communities built around circlejerking about trauma (not the same as support groups) and the friends made there?

If you're not suffering anymore, then the identity built around that crumbles and you have to find new groups that aren't about suffering. And that's hard. Which makes people very reluctant to actually learn how to heal, especially when some groups subtly discourage it.


re: meta about basing identities in trauma and how it hinders healing, radical feminism and -medicalization 

It's even harder if your suffering has been manipulated and radicalized into -medicalism (of transness, of plurality, of anything) or radical feminism, both of which are ideas that prey on the pain of traumatized and marginalized groups and turn being traumatized into a noble ideal. A moral right. A weapon.

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