intersex, questioning 

also, after a very long time questioning if I might be intersex or not, and then talking to another intersex person about my stuff and having them say "yeah idk what that might be but it sounds intersex for sure" but still not feeling like i could call myself that ...

i just definitely confirmed some more weird things I wasn't sure were weird or not

and I think I'm just gonna start calling myself intersex now. I think I feel confident enough in just how many misc symptoms I have that it's worth calling myself even if I don't know exactly what's going on.

re: intersex, questioning, venting about medical neglect 

and tbh I've always hated it every single time someone has dismissed my concerns as "oh everyone's bodies are different!" or else asked me why I wanted to know so badly if I have some kind of intersex thing going on if its not a medical problem (which it MIGHT BE actually and just no one paid attention or told me!)

Because either way i have a right to know whats going on with my body??? Even if it is within "typical" sex development? (And its definitely not, I can confirm that now.)

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