self-doubt, schizophrenia, vent-ish 

me: man, am i really even schizophrenic? i dont experience most of the stereotypical hallucinations and stuff other people do, and i dont think i end up too delusional most of the time, it's all just really fleeting. maybe im exaggerating and its just like really bad OCD and ADHD.

also me: writes a paragraph-long run-on sentence and has no idea where i'd actually break it up, heard an evil clown laugh in my head that made me speedwalk home, once believed "The Sky is a Neighborhood" contained a secret hidden message only i could decipher, recently been having trouble believing my partners aren't dead and gone, in addition to the negative symptoms I experience like catatonia, flat affect, and avolition

:ms_facepalm:​ this is why i hate stereotypical ~severe~ schizophrenia representation with lots of intense hallucinations being the only representation we get.

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