storytime, bigfoot and ... racism??, uhh 

we got a minute and thirty seconds into this jaboodydubs video about Bigfoot before detouring for twenty minutes to figure out if there were Central/South American Bigfoot stories, and there are!

But we got curious about the name we found for the creature and looked up the etymology, bc i wondered if it maybe came from 'patas' or something, but nope. : ) after just having remarked on how a newspaper drew them like a stereotypical Caveman, remarked on how that stereotype was probably racist, and then found out the name for their bigfoot was derived from Patagonia, which came from a word Magellan used to describe the native tribal people he came across.

:V ofc

But yea now back to this dumb meme video now i guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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