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thoughts on being schizo and previously thinking i was autistic and how that's affected me when dealing w/ communities Show more

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My kingdom for a working new tablet.

I miss drawing :<

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Here's my aunt and her wife as represented by emojis
@corgilesbian @vanish




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I made up these LGBT identity words show what it would be like if the words were built only from native Germanic English roots, instead of from Latin or Greek loan-words: (1717 characters, very long) Show more

It honestly feels kind of like a joke to be demanding any kind of good and mainstream real plural representation

which is exactly why I demand it

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jKLjk on all these notes, seems like wei're headed back in the Alice direction again. It was nice bein' ya, Wix :V

(kkll the OFFENSE I can feel from myself @ myself for that xD)

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little revolutions are good too, lets watch them grow.

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If everybody had one(1) chicken, I think the world would be a happier place.
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it is punk to kick the shit out of Nazis, it is even more punk to aid in the recovery of the victims of Nazis

it is punk to tell cops to fuck off, it is even more punk to build community networks that eliminate the need to call the police

it is punk to steal from the rich, it is even more punk to give to the poor

Was this head tattoo *worse pain* than getting the tops of my feet done? No, it was about the same.

Is it *itchier* tho?

dAMN right it is , oh my goDSSS

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my happy place is a minecraft version of the shire

(mods shown: Fairy Lights, Biomes o'Plenty, Chisel)

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