storytime, bigfoot and ... racism??, uhh 

dissociation, severe memory problems, venting about making memory issues a joke 

It's amazing to me reading stuff from other aros who all report the same kinds of discomfort and pressure with the way normative romantic relationships put such huge and specific expectations on us.

Like i dont know if i thought it was only me or what. But it's so nice knowing that the whole Expectations being really suffocating and uncomfortable is actually just an aro thing.

being median really gives a new perspective to being autosexual, don't it? :x :ms_cat_heart_eyes:

what if my name was broken up into a first and last like

Davepeta Sprite2

or what if

Dave P. Sprite2

and you say the 2 with the same inflection as you'd call someone Jr./Sr.

ww awful

~ :ms_cat_grin:

wei all have an idea for individual facet fursonas, but ... i’m basically my own fursona as a catgirl/birdboy fusion

what do i do? :vv stylize myself?


Survey: has a question with an option to indicate that you're in multiple committed relationships

Also survey: all following questions ask about your relationships as if you're in just one

( :

mental health, neg 

insomnia, RLS, mania, negative 

Pokemon Go is making me go outside again because i actually live within walking distance of several pokestops and two gyms

i went outside on my own today just to get the pokestop down the street! :o thats big for me! agoraphobia + no friends + years of being a shut-in for other reasons makes it so hard to leave the house and this is actually giving me motivation to again. Im glad it got updates.

I feel like im becoming the current Alpha Facet next to Alice? :v maybe i just have a big head but im Feelin Somethin. I reeeeaally wanna dye muir hair LIME GREEN but that requires an OK from Wix (who keeps the hair white bc species dysphoria) and Gaz and Magen x x




pda, wife, positive 

awhhh Glurfish looks so happy now :D they're all clean! Happy furby :3

I was worried about them at first because they looked and felt sad when i got them and i didn't know what might make them feel better, but this seems to have helped <3

Im washing Glurfish's skin right now and its so sad looking

brought to you by the fact that any time I say anything in the format of "I got Xs" where X= a one syllable word, it will automatically fill in to the tune of "You're the one that I want"

i got a leg up
on your two-legged man
cuz i've got like three or four ♪

i got a leg up
you better understaaaand
t h i s i s n o t m y f i n a l f o r m

i got legs --
they're multiplyin' --
and i'm looosing control ♪

this is a really nice purr sound generator i just found in case anyone else needs a dose of cat ᓚᘏᗢ

the woes of actually preferring it/its pronouns, misgendering 

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