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Emoji Sign-Offs 2.0 (will update again im sure)

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_v_clw_l2:​ and :ms_v_clw_y2:

Magpie -- :ms_crow:

Eleanor -- 🐐​ (temp until she picks one)

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

politics, transphobia, intersexism, forced sex reassignment 

asking for info on some discourse or somethin??, i wanna be in the loop for once 

learns what an e-boy actually is

wait wait so does that mean im misreading the one convenience store cashier with the one dangly earring and nail polish? i thought they were queer, but like. are they just an e-boy?? are they both??? i get so confused when fashion trends overlap with common ways of flagging urself as queer

median stuff, headspace? 

if i could afford it and knew fucking anything about how to do coding things and make a website work, then I'd be tempted to make an intersex masto instance.

where are the communities for queer intersex people please i am so sick of intersexist dyadic trans people today

mental health, being clueless about how functional i really am 

quickly adding the note that im not making fun of aplatonic here, im making fun of myself. :B and my pattern of bastard friends

and i do quietly describe myself as aplatonic bc of neurodivergency so here's my disclaimer.

im bastardplatonic

i only begrudgingly end up in friendships with bastards who i come to love and respect over time

nose ring ✅
long leather boots ✅
neckerchiefs and scarves ✅ (used to do more, should get back into)

feelin Validated:tm: as a femme rn

cross-platform vaguing, this is why i dont trust Atheists, this is a summary not an exaggeration, if you aren't this kind of asshole u are excused 

you can tell wei're anarchist-aligned because where wei could organize muirselves around a "core" personality like some other medians, wei decided to do the opposite and decentralize the ego entirely :P

it does not make explaining muirself any easier and sometimes wei're tempted to organize around a core, but it's honestly cooler being a nebulous group of one person.

psychosis, paranoia, (-) 

I have surfaced once more and im here to binge-watch Madoka Magica and assign my collective-mates magical girl ‘sonas


mental health, ( - ), medication 

re: meta about basing identities in trauma and how it hinders healing, radical feminism and -medicalization 

meta about basing identities in trauma and how it hinders healing 

To anyone else on the Millenial/Gen Z cusp (1996/1997), do you remember The Dog, and how does it make u feel?

(people outside the cusp also welcome)

welp, i guess im finally crossing the line into admitting im schizoid, too.

not really news so much as me finally having gathered enough data to say i fit the bill i guess.

schizoaffective, schizoid, anything else on the sz-spec i should be aware of here? :V

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