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Emoji Sign-Offs Update #4

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_cat_smile:​ and variations of the cat emoji

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

:o i just realized doja cat's Say So is the only pink song i can recall having ever heard in all my life having music-->color synesthesia? its like a really specific sunset peachy pink w/ hazy white vignette?

Being queer is looking at the LGBTQIA+ acronym and realizing you have identified as every letter and the plus

It seems wei may be more complex than originally realized. Either I have grown off into my own facet, or I am a facet of another facet.

Either way, I'm Circus Baby and I'm just as surprised as anyone to be here more ... autonomously. Wei all thought I might stay more kintype-like. Funny how these things work.


hot take: reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings is boring and they are boring, i could not finish them

mild intersexism due to ignorance 

things I don't understand: dycis people who think my intersex variation is the result of past HRT even when i express that it's naturally-occurring ??

this keeps happening??

legal transition, (+) 

I finally had to get a state id card at the DMV after putting it off for years, and i didn't know till i got there that our state allows X as a gender marker and doesn't require a letter to change it, so i just

casually changed my marker to X


current question: why am i suddenly thinking of myself as a bi lesbian and how much of it is my wife's identity bleeding over versus my own agreement that bisexuality (toward women + an unknown limit of NBs) has a place in my lesbianism just ... philosophically? even if i dont ID as bi on its own?

the label game is fun as always :v

footnote re: my stance on "recovery" 

i think recovery is a weird and unhelpful word to describe working toward mental well-being and i only use it rhetorically here because of the many claims that either the desire to live as multiple is "anti-recovery" as structural dissociation proponents would claim, or that being psych-critical itself is "anti-recovery"

it is in fact the idea that you can never stop meeting the criteria for a diagnosis and have it dropped from your chart that is literally "anti-recovery"

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medicalism, it's the real "anti-recovery" stance :v 

it's so frightening to see people attack me for saying we've had our DID un-diagnosed by claiming it's not possible to be un-diagnosed.

like ... are they just straight-up admitting they don't believe in recovery* nor healthy multiplicity? that once you have a diagnostic label that it applies for the rest of your life no matter what changes? :/ like, people really out there not knowing what diagnostic labels are for, huh?

psychosis, funny tbh, sirenhead 

the fun part of psychosis: power-walking to homestuck jams blasting in one shitty dollar-store earphone, fully battle-ready to kick the ass of the potential Sirenhead disguised as two transmission poles right next to each-other >B33

i aint scare

i aint scare of no thing

B33< i just want the bed to look nice and feel nice and not carry funky energies

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im looking for a new comforter to change up the ~vibes~ on our bed and im probably gonna be making An Investment in a really nice custom designed Pride comforter.

mental health, schizo simulators (-) vs some of my lived experience of voice hearing (+) 

schizophrenia simulator voices: you're STUPID and AWFUL and [insert command voices telling you to do harmful things]

my voices: hey take your meds and get some food. take care of yourself. lay down for a minute :v

You ever just really wish you identified with a certain label because the flag/symbol for it is really cool?

hey wei're on @theflock as a second account for more freeform alterhuman-specific nonsense, less daily-thought-spill stuff if anyone wants to follow there

updated the Carrd page :v dragged my feet and took way too long to finish and it could still use some tweaks here and there but I'm tired and just wanna publish it

I just walked over 2 and a half miles because I got turned around some dark street with a flickering lamp post o . o thankfully i had GPS to get me home, but the way there was even more confusing? i have no idea how or where I got lost and i blame faeries :V either way, good exercise

I went back to listen to Field of Hopes and Dreams and it made me cry so now Toby Fox owes me the whole rest of Deltarune right now.

I actually feel a lot better now after laying down and listening to some Magnus Archives. I think the combination of horror being a comfort in general and just listening to a story for a while and not having to think much was helpful.

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