good news:

+ we got a new apartment

+ I got a new pet

+ i got a new plushie

annoying news:

+ wei got another facet and im a whole Stridermon evolutionary fuckin line apparently


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🕸️​Wei should really settle on emojis to sign with bc wei function as one entity and change muir display name and all but that doesn't keep note of what facet is talking and it's actually kind of important to distinguish sometimes now i guess?

Im Wix claiming :jolly_rodger:​ and 🕸️​ again, depending on how im feeling.

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aughghg the biggest flaw in trying to sort out the characteristics of each facet of muis is that wei unintentionally end up in boxes

now i feel like I can't clang bc that's Magpie's thing :/ like i know i can talk however i want but it feels like, since it's a Magpie Feature, it can't be something I do at all. Makes me grumpy.

So, since Magpie is a facet now and wants to be recognized a little differently, and because a long time has passed and I think wei need a re-brand, wei're trying on the median collective name of the Flock of Changes. Easily shortened to "The Flock."

Not sure if it'll stick but so far so good? Wei'll try it on for a while. :thumbs_up_clw_p1:

Does anyone else with synaesthesia + additional neurodivergencies also notice that the types of synaesthesia they have seem to make up for or help with things you may struggle with bc of other NDs?

Like I struggle a lot with maths, some more than others (algebra > geometry), but I notice my number->color and number personification synaesthesia tends to help my brain fill in gaps where I would struggle otherwise?

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Nah but for real Im feelin that No Self/what are my pronouns rn thing hard so I made these to fill the void where my pronouns go.

Use em if u want. Enjoy the concept in word-play sense if you don't? :P

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how do geebs do sleebs? i doodled this bc im bad at posing these lil dudes and their alien bods and i actually love this wee bugger and their color scheme

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