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Emoji Sign-Offs 2.0 (will update again im sure)

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_v_clw_l2:​ and :ms_v_clw_y2:

Magpie -- :ms_crow:

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

this was specifically in response to a discussion of something mentioned on the EASE scale papers about schizo-spec patients communicating our experiences primarily through metaphor, which would explain a lot about me tbh

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My QPP said, i quote, "sometimes talking to you is like reading Ulysses" and that's the best compliment my schizo self has ever recieved

hey, who turned the mania off? >:V

~ 🐇 🤡

wanna write to Hemet about Sau apprenticeship, but have no idea how to write this bc anxiety and little awareness of cultural courtesy around these things

[Penny Parker voice] FEAR

im curious but also bad at polls

i think im especially interested in like. how many of us have scraped the absolute bottom-of-the-barrel to see anyone like us at all, even if they were the villain/target of a joke/etc.

I've done all of these, from Glee and Degrassi to Jerry Springer and South Park to good ol RHPS.

I actually miss how my Latin teachers used to reinforce certain words with actual ASL since they taught at a Deaf school. It means I'm like ... trilingual in exactly ONE word xD "again," "iterum," and the ASL for the same are all words I understand together without having to translate any of them in my brain. I wish I could just be taught languages like that as standard but my partner only knows Castellano :B It helped SO much though.

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wanna follow the lead of some other folks around Masto and put my language proficiency info in my profile since I'm seriously learning Castellano now. Hope I can level up from 0 lol. I understand more than I can speak at this point since my Latin nerd background, along with incorporated ASL, helps a lot.

hallucinations, benign but annoying 

i woke up to hypnopompic hallucinations and now im getting hypnogogic ones

i dont mind them terribly, especially with how ive missed my psychoss but they are ... annoying

I have SO MUCH FNAF now!! ;w; Im so excited even to just have all of these as a collection. That's ... 1-4, FNAF World, Sister Location, Pizzeria Sim, and Ultimate Custom Night, which are all the games that come before Help Wanted (which I can't play because no VR) and the weird AR mobile game I also can't play.

So almost all of them!! Plus a really good FNAF World fangame!!

Special thanks to @Chrismohr for getting 1-3 for me as a gift ;w;

re: intersex problems, beards, intersexism in trans spaces 

And then I feel like I can't so much as breathe about it without dyadic trans people making some kinda comment about jealousy or .. whatever they feel about my body.

It's like 80% of intersexist microaggressions that dyadic trans people pull is being jealous of intersex people

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intersex problems, beards 

Well, my full-ass beard growing in sure is A Thing That Is Happening to me.

I'm not really sure how to feel about it. I didn't really ask or not ask for this. Idk.

Having to shave when it starts getting Really Real is gonna be a pain, is all I know.

the most amazing simile I've ever concocted in my life, about guided meditations :B

Using a screen reader to actually check how my image descriptions sound has made me better at image descriptions.

Idk why more people don't think to just test that kinda thing? I know I probably can't account for the folks who can listen to the narrator at WAY faster speeds than I can, but it helps, yknow? At least you know what it sounds like.

personal beefs w/ saneism in tulpamancy spaces, hallucinations and imposition 

Tulpamancers talking about how imposition is "voluntarily inducing hallucinations" is just really infuriating when the community as a whole continues to insist on separating themselves from schizo-spec and other psychotic people, and while individual non-psychotic tulpamancers continue to be saneist toward people with psychosis.

Like, "hallucination" is a poorly-defined and highly subjective word, in the end. But using that to describe your experience and then vehemently refusing any solidarity with psychotic people who are (heavy quotes) "disordered?" Constantly reinforcing how it's totally not the same and not to "mistake" one for the other as if one experience is inherently pathological (as opposed to systemically pathologized) and the other is uwu healthy and fun?

Yeah that really grinds my gears.


It's been pretty hype since I graduated the KO beginner's class and was made Remetj. So much stuff to do 🤩 i havent had spiritual community in a very very long time. It's good stuff.

But now i just gotta remember to sign every post in the official Discord bc they dont have PluralKit and I might not end up being the only one in the system who practices. x x Im having a hard time remembering to do this.

Diogenes is the truest example of what the kids call "feral" and we all need to get on his level tbh

racism, US North/South differences, 

I have a newfound hatred of US Northerner entitlement so deep and dumbfounded that every trace of my Southern accent came right back up to the surface while I went on a rage speech about how Northerners don't know shit about racism or how complacent they are in it.

Like my wholeass accent just noped right outta New England right back down to the Appalachias in .35 seconds.


psychosis, med mention, jokes 

its 11pm, im outta antipsychs, i got my creepypastas on, and im ready to party :ms_cool_face:

I'm getting so tired of every community I find being incredibly toxic in one way or another, and I'm really really thinking of making my own discord group for intersex people with rules set in place so they can't be transphobic or sex-negative or anything.

I really wanna gauge interest, especially here on Masto, because so far I just really need a place where I know there are some people with the ability to see nuance and not gatekeep shit from trans people unnecessarily.

I also wanna see about opening the space to plurans who are intersex/altersex inworld, regardless of outworld body?

I just wanna gauge interest right now.

that new transfem bottom surgery thing everyone's on about, medical abuse, forced surgery, intersexism 

the more I see this whole thing about that "new amazing surgery for trans women that came from experimental techniques on cis women" the more I feel sick

this surgery technique was developed by nonconsensually experimenting on and mutilating the bodies of intersex people with MRKH. This surgery comes at the cost of intersex people -- some of whom were part of those experiments and are taking about it right now -- literally being labeled test subjects and subjected to genital mutilation.

Remember that when you talk about how great this advancement is for trans women. It is, for sure, but please don't ignore the violence that was enacted on intersex bodies so trans women can have that surgery.

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