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🐇​- Alice
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:pentacle:​ - Rook
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"It's gonna be what it's gotta do" is the schizospeech of the day

my QPP pointed out its actually a clever way of consolidating "it's gonna be what it's gonna be" and "it's gonna do what it's gonna do" into the same sentiment and it made me feel better about how silly it sounded

see? im just saving you time :B

weed cw 

physical therapy appt, coming out as plural, positive! 

re: psychosis meta, unreality tw 

re: psychosis meta, unreality tw 

psychosis meta, unreality tw 

on a scale from Mulan to Gaston how good at expectorating are you?

brain imaging, neurology appointment 

finally gonna get my forearm crutches tomorrow! i've only been trying for OVER A YEAR to get some prescribed x x but finally! Magen fronts tomorrow and will pick them up but i'll have them Thursday :D quadruped upgrade!

kinda positive low self-esteem humor, pda, median things 

you don't have to be human if you don't want to be

B33< i keep scaring muir QPP with my purrkour all over the place. they're afraid ill get hurt

i joked that they'd wake up and come into the kitchen one morning to find me perched on top of the fridge and stuck

finally got the chance to back this fursona pride pins kickstarter and I'm hype for aromantic sphinx cat :D :aromantic_flag:​

vagueing a Discord server, grumpy 

I also went back down my old Marilyn Manson former-special-interest hole so why didn't Dope Hat stick in my head instead ??cmoonnnnn :V

me: *listens to Hawthorne Heights again to re-visit my emo nostalgia with my QPP for fun*

me: *actually feels sad after listening to it*

neg, chronic pain, disordered eating, top surgery 

Also welcome Gaz to co-front from the Bigger System ayy <3 he doesn't get up here often but hopefully that'll change


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