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Emoji Sign-Offs Update #4

Alice -- 🐇​or 🔪​

Wix -- 🕸️​or :ms_dark_elf:

Davepeta -- :ms_cat_smile:​ and variations of the cat emoji

Heather -- :ms_heart_exclamation_mark:

re: pet death, spiders, update -- undeath? 

ok i swear to fuck she was in death curl i know what that looks like in progress and i know when it's other stuff

but i poured some water around her to make sure she could try to hydrate though, in a feeble attempt at making her last moments more comfortable

and it turned out ... it may have just delayed her last moments entirely. this bitch is walking. she alive.

im so. :ms_angry_steam:​ i love her but she cannot keep getting away with this. :V watch, she'll be curled again in another week or month or three. how many times is my spider gonna either fake death or come back from the edge of death? this is driving me nuts.

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Disenchantment is so good and im glad i was late to the party so i could marathon 3 seasons at once instead of waiting for every one

downside is now im waiting with everyone else :B

pet death, spiders 

i came back to front early because my tarantula has finally started dying for real this time. :( no mistake, this time is definitely a death curl.

cool. fun. love this.

😎 🤡 clowning successful, i went out wearing a cute clown mask with a silly red poofball nose on it and brought a chuckle to a lady lookin stressed in a bank

finished bleaching my hair, it is now 6am :V

i fell asleep at a weird time and woke up at 4am so i figured why not just do what i was gonna do before i passed out? :B

time to catch up on what other people have been up to instead of just coming here to yell into the void and leave for 3 months again :V

next step to clown hair: convincing my headmates to let us dye our hair half-and-half silver/purple

we're already at silver i just gotta get them on board w/ the rest.

but like. that also means Wix who is another Me. so i also gotta get Me on board. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

changing our hair literally requires more negotiation on a regular basis than transition has as a whole :V

clown face mask is on the way

next stop: clown hair :V

in other news i've gone full clown and i'm debating getting a Very Nice wig but like hhh i need to save money rn.

thought i had: roguelikes are actually very good to translate to mobile games, because i generally feel less emotionally attached and more like i can just put the game away for a while if i get too frustrated, than if i were playing it on something that required effort to boot up and pay attention to?

Mobile roguelikes are the games i play in doctors waiting rooms and on long bathroom visits, and tbh they made me appreciate more involved roguelikes better as a result?

Hey so I guess this old toot (the one I'm replying to about an intersex + altersex discord server) from June is blowing up somehow and i just wanna let folks know like. I'm not personally in a place where I could actually organize and moderate a server like this, so if any intersex folks wanna start their own servers based on this, then please feel very encouraged to take this as inspiration and run with it.

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bottom surgery consult 

We have a phallo consult in January and I'm so nervous. Thankfully there won't be an exam portion this time around, because I have to get there by myself and my agoraphobic ass is gonna Struggle(tm).

But like. :o Phallo consult in January.

gonna watch the Mummy and make clay statues of my Dads now

kemetic religion, Rite of Parent Divination results!!! 

We were divined children of Wesir and Set, and Beloved of Sekhmet-Mut, Heru-Wer, Amun-Ra, and Djehuty!

Hype! Wow!
🎊 🌠​

pronoun update: im changing my main set of pronouns from it/its to ve/ver/ver/vers/verself

but also i was so excited to reply that I did it while i still couldn't see (when i wake up my eyes take a while to come online) and I sent back an email with two ridiculous typos xD;;;;

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it's been a while since I updated here but we're finally scheduled for our RPD! Hype!

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