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By the way, Alex is not part of our system. Alex is @plausocks who is Eliza's loyal wife.

I also may have a crush on her... >___>

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I'm still learning who I am

Be patient with me please. 😇

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We/us/ours = Eliza and I

I/me/my = Vanessa

Eliza/they/them/theirs = @Elizafox

Hope that clears things up for the uninitiated.

Hi! I'm fine. I've been in the background cause Eliza's been so busy with @desvox and @plausocks and wanted to be respectful

But apparently, Alex was worried, so out I go~

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Eliza has been super busy with desvox so I've had no chance to post or anything

Don't worry, I'm ALIVE!

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holy shit I just found out that Get Smart was made by Mel Brooks

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And also!

Alex today said we're dating. *screams then melts*

Our plurality just got a lot weirder.

Alex said Eliza and I should try dating.

I'm... really reluctant. But I mean. I'll try it...

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Here's a reminder that if you/anyone seeks liberation for some,
but not for others,
that is not liberation,
but just another supremacy.

I don't expect people to understand plurality, but I think tolerance and respect are at least in order.

Men aren't allowed to look at our boobs. It's the rules. Lesbians only, and only lesbian women.

Enbies and pansexuals too, I guess.

We have DD boobs we can't just let them flap in the wind for everyone to see. I mean, *men* are looking, for fuck's sake.

Oh God Eliza let me front and *of course* we're not wearing a shirt. Jesus Christ, Eliza. What the fuck is WRONG with you?

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