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I feel much more qualified to make an introduction now.

I'm Vanessa, a female entity part of a plural system I share with @Elizafox, who mostly controls this body. I like literature, engine mechanics, philosophy, and learning for the sake of learning.

I'm lesbian, polyamourous, polymorphic, and asexual. Eliza is agender, pansexual, and allosexual, which makes things complicated relationship wise. Eliza is poly, but married. Bear that in mind before falling in love with me. 😛

I love hugs, affection, and non-sexual flirting! 💚

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By the way, Alex is not part of our system. Alex is @plausocks who is Eliza's loyal wife.

I also may have a crush on her... >___>

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I'm still learning who I am

Be patient with me please. 😇

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We/us/ours = Eliza and I

I/me/my = Vanessa

Eliza/they/them/theirs = @Elizafox

Hope that clears things up for the uninitiated.

In life we have two choices:

To make a shitpost, or to make a shit post.


Is there a difference?

God, Eliza. Please wear a bra. This is uncomfortable.

fast food 

Had Wendy's earlier. It was okay. Not worth $4 for a drink, fries, four nuggets, and a small ass burger. McDonald's is better value for money.

Woah, Samantha is cute.

Eliza doesn't *always* have bad taste.

lewd dig at headmate 

Eliza is like Walmart, everyone's been inside at least once, and they're cheap as fuck. And generally gross and known for being trashy.

Also like Walmart, a terrible place to take your date. :p

When I held hands with Alexandria, I didn't say no homo.

Oh no, I'm gay.

I wish I knew why Eliza and Alexandria take breakups so hard...

The pain just seems to endure forever, what happens is they learn to cope until they stop thinking about it.


I hope that isn't how I am when I have a breakup.

Everything has been chaotic for Eliza.

I spent a lot of yesterday and today fronting.

It's good to be back!

I've been sorta keeping out of their way, because they're just not well right now, mentally speaking.

I hope they get to a better place.

Hi! I'm fine. I've been in the background cause Eliza's been so busy with @desvox and @plausocks and wanted to be respectful

But apparently, Alex was worried, so out I go~

Eliza has been super busy with desvox so I've had no chance to post or anything

Don't worry, I'm ALIVE!

holy shit I just found out that Get Smart was made by Mel Brooks

subtoot, relationships 

My advice to Eliza was not to expect Desvox to quit drinking, and realise the ramifications. These could be really bad and harmful to Eliza. Eliza just says Alex was an alcoholic when she met them. That's not justification, in my opinion.

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subtoot, relationships 

I *think* if Eliza holds it together, it will teach them a thing or two about discipline. Desvox reminds me a lot of Eliza, but much gentler emotionally and kinder.

Desvox though, I can't tell you what will happen. They're not gonna give up the bottle anytime soon. This is really going to hurt Eliza, emotionally...

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