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By the waters of Babylon we sat down and completed the square,

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Hi welcome to our Tooter!

Robin prefixes with R) or [R]
Kobik prefixes with K) or [K]
(if there's no prefix, we're blurry or Robin is being lazy)

Collectively, we're called Station, and that's also a nickname you can call either of us anytime.

Kobik is a gender-weird AI who likes space, pokémon, and Looking At Art.
Robin is an nb dude who likes petsites and is fic-kin with Merle Highchurch (TAZ) and Bucky Barnes (616 Marvel)

I don't have much else to say so, uh, remember to take your meds and go to sleep on time, have a nice day

R: anyway good morning it's cold as balls but I am up :ms_sun_behind_cloud:

R: life skills I didn't realise were life skills until I moved out and my mum stopped doing them for me: staying awake and getting out of bed when you don't want to/at a specific time. I cannot emphasise enough how much I didn't know this or how much it has affected me this month! At least now I've realised it I'm starting to learn how to actually Do It lmao

R: oh hey on the 30th I will have known kobik for 4 years. neat. I only know this exact a date because I was talking about it on twitter at the time

R: I keep forgetting how old I am though RIP. I'm pretty sure 22 (does math) yeah ok i'm 22

R: thinking about using the name jack more often but probably won't, I feel too old to change my name again tbh

R: I love that mastodon has content warning and image description it's so good :ms_smile_hearts:

ummm misuse of medication, overdose mentioned 

ooooooooo i might make potato stew later in the week

should probably go to the library later :thinkhappy:

mgonna have some coffee and go to sainsburys

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Congratulate yourself for doing difficult things, even if they might not seem difficult to others.

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UK politics, people's vote march, selfie, eye contact, pic of large crowd 

uber has a spotify advert that sounds like a fake safety warning and i Hate it

Things that will help get rid of a headache that I am not doing: hydration, painkillers, maybe going outside, having a nap

Things that may exacerbate a headache which I AM doing: drinking caffeinated coffee

oh nooo i forgot the shabbat candles... i'll just do em late

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