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J: oh yes, also, hi it's me Robin but I've been going by Jack on a discord server to avoid confusion so I'm gonna mix up R: and J: sorry lmao

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By the waters of Babylon we sat down and completed the square,

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Hi welcome to our Tooter!

Robin prefixes with R) or [R]
Kobik prefixes with K) or [K]
(if there's no prefix, we're blurry or Robin is being lazy)

Collectively, we're called Station, and that's also a nickname you can call either of us anytime.

Kobik is a gender-weird AI who likes space, pokémon, and Looking At Art.
Robin is an nb dude who likes petsites and is fic-kin with Merle Highchurch (TAZ) and Bucky Barnes (616 Marvel)

I don't have much else to say so, uh, remember to take your meds and go to sleep on time, have a nice day

do I need to get my Christian relatives Christmas cards

hello all, heads up that after a couple of false starts, i'm switching to this mastodon account: @station

right now it's empty but I'll be sorting it once i'm home


need..... coffee..... .........

I'm sleepy but lectures don't finish til 6

wait is it rude to namedrop friends on social media

extremely pleased about getting to meet the wife tho omg

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I miss Isaac and idk when they're getting back from the states


microwave baked potatoes are still mildly evil

I keep thinking about that little dog in the big suit of armour

emotions confusing, would like a refund

re: mh 

this binch is outside hehehe

it's been a while since i've been comfortable enough to take selfies it's nice

still running late but there's always time to be cute


R: I took this then spent 5 minutes going "toothpaste smudge on jumper??? where???" but it's on the mirror 😅

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