Hi, we would like to share a symbol that we made. This is the treble ampersand. It combines the ampersand (&) and treble clef (𝄞) to symbolize both manyness and harmony.

It is for all who identify as plural, no matter what created them or what diagnoses they do or do not have. You may use it freely and even sell merchandise with it. You do not need to credit us. All that we ask is that you do not claim ownership of it, nor police others in their use of it. We have made this symbol public domain.

We have also made this in several pride flag colors. You can see them on our Dreamwidth. There is also the regular black version.

We hope that you enjoy. ☺️

We are making this a separate account because we do not want this to be on our main. It will not be monitored. Thank you for understanding.


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@treblesand I really love this!! :D I've tried my hand at making symbols before - I made the one in my icon, but that one's not too original, since I basically just made an already existing symbol colorful :P I think yours is unique & I really like the concept behind it (esp the many + harmony thing) - great job!! -💙Blue

@treblesand This is super nice, mind if we use it for art/tattoo ideas/*? Non-commercially.
And if so, do you& desire to be credited?

@ConfusionCollective they're not watching that account but they did CC0 it; yall are free to do what you want with it without credit

not even sure who you would credit anyway lol, they just emailed one day like "hey can we do this?" and we were like yeah sure go ahead

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