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Hi there, we''re the Trashcan Collective. Bodily we're 30y/o, and we're an endogenic system with a lot of folks here. Mostly fictives. Just looking for a place to hang out away from tumblr.

We like funny animal videos, art, music, cooking, and science. Strictly anti-trump jsyk, supporters and alt right types are not welcome here at all.

More info and main fronters can be found here:

Our main admins are Azazel (she/her), Smith (he/him or they/them), Taita (he/him), Gwen (she/her), and Raksha (he/him). They are available to answer questions.

DNF/DNI if you support:

🚫 Fat shaming, alt right, purity politics/shipping discourse, NRA, TERFs, trump supporters, ace exclusionists, truscum, antikin, MRAs, antifeminists, militant atheists, militant vegans, anti endogenic systems. 🚫


racism again, abusive mother, part 2 

racism, abusive family, christmas mention 

religion, christianity, god, holidays, abusive family, vent 

We added people who liked/faved our intro post, because we didn't know if that was... an invite to do so...? Haha. 8| Let us know if that's not okay. (Azazel)

Plural Café

Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike, that hopes to foster a safe place for finding and interacting with other systems in the Mastodon fediverse.