I found....... This on my phone. I think Storm wanted to announce his presence somewhere but I can't find anywhere he actually sent it. But it's very good and punny.

depression meme 2: electric boogaloo 

I made another meme because lesson 2 told me to use a "thought monitoring form" but it's not IN the downloadable resources, and all the generic ones I find online aren't Exactly The Same and I'm Upset 🙃​

which would be a great thing to record in a thought monitoring form


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depression meme 

My doctor referred me to an online course about coping with depression while I wait for the intervention crisis counseling thing and the first course was........ so 101 it was painful.

I know it has to start from ground 0 so it's accessible to everyone. And I do genuinely hope it helps some because I've been in a pit of "my depression is chronic it will never get better" for ages. Which is not accurate. It may never be cured but I can definitely cope better, and I need to.

But still. The first course left me feeling like the "I know more than you" meme.

I don't know much about new Old Man/Tomas who may or may not be around but when we saw this it was just like "that. that's him."

I misunderstood this post on reddit for a second and was like "oh when did I join a plural subreddit?"'

tjhis doesn't make any sense or is funny at all with mastodon's image areamgenet sorry

Multiplicity May 24 - Drawing of a Headmate 

The tablet pen remains missing, but sketchbooks exist.

Here's Pepper, and a very grumpy Rory.

Pepper is one of the folks in Hartstead who gives the strongest Specific Physical Appearance vibes. And in fact this was one of my first clues that we were splitting, when once when preparing for that work I/we were surprised by my tattoo-less shoulders and short hair. Despite never having or wanting these tattoos, nor long dark hair.


Multiplicity May 22 - Race, Ethnicity, Language 

we're white as fuck, and speak pretty much just english

We did take some French classes, and I'm working on learning Te Reo Māori, and some Japanese because my wife is majoring in it at uni. But for the most part, just english.

pictured: us

Multiplicity May 20 - Selfie (eye contact) 

but hey also if others aren't keen on doing this one, you're super valid for skipping it.

moving gif, anime 

While watching Sangatsu No Raion tonight I realised if Rory was a human child, the closest analog would probably be Momo.

(redone for alt-text)

Multiplicity May 17 - Switching 

here i made a meme

switching is!!! Inconvenient and rude and finicky.

When I want to not be here, I'm here. When other people want to be here, they're not here. People get mad at me for not letting them front more, like I have any say in the matter.

I can try to calm down and like, meditate, to try to leave the body free for someone else to grab controls, but it rarely works and more commonly gives me a headache.

Switching happens most often when Big Emotions are happening, and usually that means either Stone is switching up to settle us down, or Skyler is taking control to clean up the mess I'm in.

Pepper was triggered to front yesterday due to a sudden encounter with someone from the time she was fronting a lot, which is unusual.

The most pleasant switches are usually with Rory, who just stretches out into front when we're Warm and Cozy and Happy.

Multiplicity May 15 - Journaling 

This is not something we do, but it's something we should do. I've recently re-jigged our testing discord server so my garbage testing stuff is in a sequestered section, and set up a few channels for plural stuff. we'll see how that goes. discord isn't really a journaling platform though haha, I'd love to actually journal. but I have trouble with motivation/consistency.

I also have a fear about putting things in words, that it makes them real. So if I write about bad things, then they happened, whereas I would prefer to forget and pretend they didn't. super logical, I know.

3 of us have voiced opinions on the system name, and they're the only 3 that really front and talk to people and have to deal with the system name in any way. They're not attached to it, but not against it. They like the -stead half.

shoutout to Storm for suggesting "Ignored-by-[our cat]-stead" though

So uh I think we're switching to Hartstead.

research has shown that my high school bully turned into a pretty okay person, the abuser is a literal neo nazi, and old friends are cool and successful and probably never think about us

🦁 ​:ms_8_asterisk:

Multiplicity May 11 - Face/Voice/Place Claim 

I associate faceclaims and voiceclaims with roleplay characters so it feels weird to me to apply that to system members, so I'm just going to take this as things/characters that some system members are attached to

Weirdly, I have two different recent pings on Storm. The first is Kirishima from Boku no Hero Academia, prior to going to UA. He looks identical to how I used to draw Storm, just Storm has grey hair instead. And the other is Ral Zarek's voicelines from Magic: The Gathering's online game Arena. Here's some of those voice lines: youtu.be/UKHTSmbb3Pg The mood, the tone, the subjects. It all got Storm very much jumping up and down pointing. He doesn't do the sciencey stuff, but lightning and snark? Yep.

Skyler is every *other* broody dark-haired anime boy.

(note this is just how I personally perceive "claims" - I don't begrudge anyone else using those terms if it fits them, just felt weird to me)

happy traumaversary to me!

awww it's 11 years old, how cute :3 a tween!

Multiplicity May 8 - Meme 

unfortunately I accidentally deleted my tumblr months ago so I can't pull up any of the good multiplicity memes I had there, BUT I do have the Rory memes we've made.

Because Rory is a sleepy babby.

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