Self harm mention, but humorous 

Asdfggjjllyyt God it's been so long since anyone bothered to ask about my self harm I forgot how to lie about it!!!

Like. I have very obvious marks all over my arms and don't try to hide them. Their precise nature makes it clear what they are, and in general people don't ask.

But I have some ~2 month old scars on my upper arms that caught my boss's notice today.

"what happened to your arm?"
"....................... I fell?"

I fell. I FELL. I fell?? Really? That was the best I could scrounge up?

I fell.



Self harm mention, but humorous 

She asked about it again so I had to double down on my absolutely ridiculous lie.

Yep. I fell. On what? Uh. You know, around. It was a couple months ago, I'm not sure. No, I don't fall often. But that definitely was one.

At this point I think she knows it's a lie... So maybe.... Don't ask.

I'm honest about it for the most part with people, but my boss is not one of those people. Past stuff is fine, but no current stuff that could theoretically be impacting my job. Because capitalism.

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