Multiplicity May 26 - The System Community 

Whoops forgot to do this one yesterday! Though it's the 26th in much of the world so it still counts probably.

I didn't know there was any such thing as a "system community" and in fact didn't have any of these words to describe my experiences until I started to see some of it pop up on tumblr. I avoided it as much as I could, because at that point I was still alone in my head and i was scared that being exposed to system stuff would awaken mine again.

But when the system DID wake up, it was too tantalizing to not go explore the "community" - the resources, the language, the shared experiences and validation were incredible.

I've stayed out of and away from most "syscourse" stuff, and only see the worst of it in vague references. I really like this Mastodon instance and the two lil Discord servers I'm in. I wish I could make friends, but clinging to the periphery is okay too.

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