Multiplicity May 21 - Disabilities and Disorders 

I'm happy to talk about this stuff but I don't blame others for maybe not wanting to disclose things, especially being wary of syscourse.

When we were sent to therapy the first time, we were diagnosed with Bipolar II. That didn't fit right, but things went so poorly, it was a long time before we got professional help again.

When we did - when I did, because I was alone then - I was diagnosed instead with Double Depression. Which is a really fun combination of dysthymia and Major Depression. Plus generalised anxiety.

My depression affects us all in some ways, but the only other one that I think actually HAS depression is Skyler. But an odd thing I've noticed is he doesn't have my anxiety.

Aside from those, I think I'm on the Autistic spectrum, may have ADHD, and something dissociative. You know, go big or go home I guess.

I don't think anyone has disorders or disabilities that I don't also have.

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