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Re-doing our for age change and broken emoji.

We're the Pride System.

The history is a bit sticky, but we broke apart around body age 17 following involuntary therapy. We re-discovered ourselves about age 24. Still picking up the pieces.

The primary front is Rai 🦁​, they are 27, nonbinary, married to a singlet. Likes lions.

Skyler :ms_8_asterisk:​​ is a common fronter, helps with protection and emotions. He's fond of computers, coding, EDM, and video games.

Storm 🌩️​ has been getting more comfortable with front, so you may see him around. High-energy dragon-person with an affinity for... storms. He likes bottle caps, spicy food, and cats.

Rory :ms_lion_without_mane:​​ is a mostly non-verbal little, possibly a literal lion cub. They communicate mostly in noises or pictures when fronting. They like to sleep and eat creamy things.

There are others who rarely front, but you may hear mention of them. Pepper, Stone, The Twins, and probably some others.

I wish I could find my old art of Storm, it looks almost identical to pre-UA Kirishima from Boku no Hero Academia

🦁​ someone followed a ton of cat-related subreddits last night and I genuinely don't know who it was. My wife said I told her about it, which I don't remember. lov that validating-but-terrifying time loss!! I assumed it was Rory, but Rory doesn't talk. At least it's benevolent mischief.

✳️ Rai's coworkers are always like "you're so quiet today, are you okay?" and there's no good answer to that!

Obviously the correct answer is something vague like "Huh? Oh yeah I'm good, must be tired" that sends them away unconcerned and feeling they've done their social duty.

Because the accurate/realistic answers all sound passive aggressive and awful

"Sorry I didn't realize I actually talk here."
"Oh right, I forgot this job has friends."
"Whoops I was busy concentrating on remembering how to do this."
"What do you mean I'm not actively avoided here?"

✳️ Does anyone have any of that cringey 'rofl so random' slogan stuff about multiple personalities? Just remembering winning one-liners like "I have multiple personalities and none of them like you," and wondering if any systems wear them as like an inside joke, haha.

"They're my family too." - my wife about our system 🦁

:ms_8_asterisk:​ I'm not usually one for plushes but this dragon's name is Skylar and I want her

🦁​ Thinking about plurality makes me crave cronuts from the grocery store near work just because Rory loves them and has marched me across the street to get them more than once. It's midnight. I cannot has cronuts.

🦁​ We for sure entirely missed Skyler's birthday this week and I feel real bad about it. He's the only one that has a different and known birthday than the body, and it's the dang Winter Solstice because he's an edgy bastard. Shouldn't be hard to remember! But I spaced it big time. And it's the third birthday I've missed this month. On my cat's birthday (13th) I asked a friend if it was his birthday (it wasn't), and then proceeded to miss the friend's birthday (19th) as well!

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I like the new cat. She's more my groove than the other one. The old cat (who is, ironically, younger) is big and goofy, and everyone loves him. The new one is tiny and shy and sharp. :ms_8_asterisk:

Excited to see what kind of pokemon teams everyone makes in their playthroughs. Because I could design teams that make sense for them, but how will their preferences and stuff fit in with the flow of the game? That's a different story. But if Storm doesn't pick up a Yamper I will eat my hat.

🦁​ oh it's just occurred to me I can make profiles on my Switch for other sysmates and they can play games on their own files?? nice

Headspace was quiet for a while and I fell back into "Weh I'm fake" garbage again, but last weekend saw Stone front *twice*, and Rory wedged into a cofront last night.

Kind of a relief tbh.

Mental illness (-), suicide mention 

Hannibal buress shooting meme, mh - 

🦁​ My wife said I was two dorks in a trenchcoat and so I made a plurality joke. We attempted then to count how many dorks in a trenchcoat I really am, but only came up with three. (Me, Skyler, Storm)
She says Rory can't be a dork because "kids are just like that." Stone can't be a dork because that's like the antithesis of Stone. Pepper is too refined, and she hasn't met The Twins.

Our new house is just around the corner from where the Pepper split happened we're a little 🙃 over it.

nvm. It's gone for good. It cannot be restored and I doubt its absence will be noted anyway.

Accidentally deleted our tumblr. If you're looking for us on there, fear not. Support ticket has been lodged.

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