Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

bunny emotes, all caps 

:bun_lurkaww: THERES MORE.. - Redorak

Bunny emotes, gifs 

:a_bun: :a_bun_happyhop: :a_bun_sadpat: :a_bun_hop: :a_bun_cry: :a_bun_happy: :a_bun_owohop:
These are so cute.... - Redorak

cats, bug plush, frog plush 

They're such babies.. - Smudge

The bioelectromagical urge to have an infinite database of pronouns.

We also finally remembered Umbar and Siluelve's account passwords, so they can finally access them again. It should help Umbar front sometimes also. Xe really drew back after we switched phones. - Verresh


Almost through our LIS degree!! One more semester! (if we do ok) - Verresh

Dear Mastodon users, beware of spam!

Today I got email stating that my polyglot.city is about to expire, and there was a link to renew my password.

If you receive such emails, absolutely do not click their links. Mastodon passwords do not expire. The link will only take you somewhere where you can lose your Mastodon credentials to malicious users.

(This may be relevant to other fediverse software than Mastodon too, I don't really know what the spammers are sourcing now.)


Making silly noises. Boost if you agree.

well well well… if it isn’t the flareonsequences of my own acteons… :flareon:

Hey all, I have a sincere request. Please boost if you can.

I am helping some wonderful people in Merauke in West Papua learn more about their colonial past. I have always supported the Papuan people in their struggle for self-knowledge and freedom.

Could anyone who speaks Dutch please help me translate this text here into English?

I am going to then help translate this text with them into Indonesian. If someone knows how to translate Dutch into Indonesian, that would be just perfect!!

Again, please boost.

doll girls of various mechanisms (electromechanical, clockwork, thaumaturgical) talking about their differences over tea

covid, putting on my dad hat, risk assessment 

Judging by what I'm reading about hospital capacity, and from the local EMT friends my roommate knows, now would really be a good time to practice IRL risk assessment.

Everyone's already made up their minds about covid risk levels and balances, so I won't harass except to say Get Your Boosters Please.

But also:

Cook and clean carefully.

Watch the state of the leftovers you eat.

Don't do anything stupid with electricity, wires, or your space heater.

Consider postponing repairs and projects that need power tools, if you can.

Stay off interstate highways as much as possible.

Watch. Out. For. Ice.

People are already sitting in ERs for *days* at this point. This won't last forever, but it might be a good idea to live like you're made of breakable materials for a few weeks. Because you are. 💜​

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I need privacy. Not because my actions are questionable, but because your judgement and intentions are.

if a system photographs their vessel, is that a selvesie?
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