eye emoji, fictive/walk-in confusion 

👁I still have no idea what the fuck I am.
👁 I look kind of like a tiefling from a distance but I'm not. I dont have horns and the skin on my back and tail is thick and has lines of spikes.
👁 Our world we usually call D&D like because its similar and a lot of terms are close enough, but I don't have one. It's frustrating.
👁 I don't want to make one up either, I just want to know more than that I came from the prime material Somewhere and some vague senses of the culture of my species (kind of firbolg like, but we arent firbolgs no)
👁 Universe I would like to know the name. It doesn't even have to translated. Please.

eye emoji 

👁 I was told today that it's obvious how much time I was trapped on the feywilds.
👁 I wouldn't act that way to a stranger because I do keep to good humored playing but that still wouldn't be polite.
👁 But they're our partner system so I'm a little more open to them because they like me to be myself.
👁 They said it isnt a bad thing, it's just clear how long I spent there.

🎼 Do you ever see someones art style and you just.. that person either collects or has an interest in ball jointed dolls.
🎼 Not as a bad thing, I really like that style, it's just that people into them often have a particular way of drawing eyes and blush, which is pretty distinctive.

A comic about ocd and not turning it into a joke 

Lol I’m so an extremely serious mental illness that I’m trivialising for a joke!
Turning ocd into a joke makes it harder to discuss. Find a better sense of humour.

unhealthy habits 

❄: Its no sleep insomnia hours.

🐦 I've been playing with the drawing program Krita. This is one of my first images.

A ‘real job vs. bullshit job’ analysis is only useful to illustrate how much more useful work we could get done if capitalism was abolished and we could quit all our useless jobs.

It is an absolutely terrible idea to praise workers in ‘real jobs’ at the expensive of workers in ‘bullshit jobs’ and create a moral hierarchy of workers accordingly.

The class struggle means ALL OF US.

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tuxedo cat picture, capslock 

five minutes after posting this: but what if someone really loves tuxedo cats and was disappointed???

... here is my tux baby too.

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A house right around the corner from me has this superlative #mossy log right next to their driveway.

I envy their #moss but it's clear this log is in the exact right dappled shade to grow like this.

I wonder who discovered popcorn. They must’ve been really surprised! 🍿

Quarantine's making people really grapple with themselves. By 2021 there's gonna be no cis left.

vent?, anxiety 

🔥 Listen. I fucking love organizing casual art trades. But I always feel so fucking guilty asking for something I actually want, like I'm selfish or something. I'd draw whatever someone else wanted too so I shouldn't, but I still feel bad for it for some reason.

cat, fire emoji 

Time for another cat pic.
Have she.
- 🔥

can be interpreted as squick-ish body horror? 

what if every time we cracked our joints or neck the affected area glowed like a glowstick

April Fool's Day, meta misinformation 

Please tag your misinformation
Tomorrow, especially

Hey I have a friend who’s fighting stage 3 Lyme disease and NEEDS donations in order to survive. This is life or death. Can y’all plz take a minute to donate if you can and boost this? Destin can’t leave their home due to seizures, low energy levels, having trouble walking, etc. all due to Lyme.


They need an oxygen concentrator which are ridiculously expensive, but they are having so much trouble breathing it’s become necessary. It’s really important that they get one.

I know that if we all boost this and donate a couple bucks then they can get the care they need. I donated $25 which was all I can afford really, so now I’m sharing. My friend really needs help so please boost! Especially because they are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus due to Lyme... it’s really important that they get the medical care they need.

cat, quarantine adj commentary 

🌸 We've.. been walking Jetpack. It's almost empty around here so it.. isnt hard to avoid people.

New procgen town vistas enabled by the new climbing mechanic

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