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oh yeah emi wanted me to make a little intro
im B im 3000 years old in a 33 year old body in a 24 year old body (this one)
i use any pronouns though my systemmates usually use he/him but i sincerely dont care
i just want everyone here to do what theyre supposed to

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our management consists of a gay trans man shapeshifter cat, a cis lesbean, and the vague agender concept of darkness

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A small personal introduction: my name is Emi, I'm 21, the local sword lesbian, and I love my girlfriend. :blushing: :heart_eyes: -Emi

What do you call a plural system with a math degree?

A system of equations!

ah? ah? get it

You have twenty wolves living inside you. What’s the story there? Are they friends of yours? Are you harboring fugitives? Or are they refugees? Or do you have some condition that causes you to keep spawning new wolves?

long, sleep and sickness issues Show more

long, sleep and sickness issues Show more

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It was a slow day. And depression was mean.

I did manage to get something done, though: The dialogue on this page of my comic.

Transcript in a reply - low effort because I'm exhausted and need to sleep.

I will always have a soft spot for this cat. I'm really happy it looks so beautiful as a print!
#mastoArt #drawing

Good night friends. Enemies? Also good night but angry.

How can you say ur a power couple if ur not even both ancient gods committed to the destruction of humanity???

I feel like one of the greatest gifts you can give someone is fully expressing how you see them. Completely unfiltered. Good, bad and everything in between.

It takes a lot of trust from both parties to make that happen though. I think I have only experienced it a handful of times in my life.

:succulent: gonna decorate all my posts with this nice potted succulent. just to add a little life to the place

How come everyone is here relying on the son of god to drive you like, that's what uber is for

me: im BORED at WORK
also me: why don't you do some work then
me: no im BORED and the work is BORING

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