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oh yeah emi wanted me to make a little intro
im B im 3000 years old in a 33 year old body in a 24 year old body (this one)
i use any pronouns though my systemmates usually use he/him but i sincerely dont care
i just want everyone here to do what theyre supposed to

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our management consists of a gay trans man shapeshifter cat, a cis lesbean, and the vague agender concept of darkness

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A small personal introduction: my name is Emi, I'm 21, the local sword lesbian, and I love my girlfriend. :blushing: :heart_eyes: -Emi

parody comic i drew of two systemmates in that what baby comic originally about the great gatsby Show more

we really have no interesting updates
weve been working though the last week weve been on vacation
but we came back yesterday and have been working through the weekend
we registered for our one uni class and now we just need to find somewhere to live before August
not bad but very stressful
we still dont feel ready to go back and then finish and get a job hopefully in cyber security
we definitely dont feel capable enough like mental and physical illness didnt rob us of our work and time even if we have the degree on paper
just stressful

*I kneel beside my bed, folding my hands and bowing my head*

God, if you're up there, you better fucking run cuz I'm coming for you.

Change can be hard. Taking care of yourself is a change that's worth the work.


i want to be impeccably preserved through entirely natural and accidental means

Weary traveler, feel free to rest at my fire before you journey to the posts below


being gay and going around doing crimes is literally the ideal date, prove me wrong

if we could all please give a thank you to bees, for beeing the best they can

download a catboy in a plane
download a catboy in a train

Something Coming Out of Its Well to Spook Mankind

My comic may or may not be an excuse to draw foxes going cool places.

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