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oh yeah emi wanted me to make a little intro
im B im 3000 years old in a 33 year old body in a 24 year old body (this one)
i use any pronouns though my systemmates usually use he/him but i sincerely dont care
i just want everyone here to do what theyre supposed to

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our management consists of a gay trans man shapeshifter cat, a cis lesbean, and the vague agender concept of darkness

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A small personal introduction: my name is Emi, I'm 21, the local sword lesbian, and I love my girlfriend. :blushing: :heart_eyes: -Emi

the fediverse seems to be having a collectively bad mental health day. here is a spell to help

All of our time on these positive profiles is going to go to finding pictures we like for each other instead of actually writing the positive blurbs. -Emi

King Kong Deserved His Death Vecause As Shown By The 'King' In His Name, He Was Royalty, And Like All Royalty Crushed The Proletariat Under An Iron Boot. What I'm Saying Is, We Need A King Kong Sized Guillotine

A lot of stars disappeared or turned yellow, maybe the ink ate them? I never had this issue with watercolor
#art #mastoArt #ink

lol at twitter calling itself a social "network"

it's only got one instance

Surprised that nobody called me out for denying the existence of the sky

Ideinty policing based on suffering / truscum ect Show more

Mistakes a street light for the big moon and becomes the laughing stock of the community

hey, the blood moon is cool

but you know what would be more cool?

two blood moons. thats right, i propose we split the moon in half so that more cool space events happen. not because it is easy, but because it will look sick as hell

every astrology post: SCORPIOS FUCK
me, a scorpio, crying: i'm more than a piece of meat!! i have an exoskeleton too!!!

we will all have to go back to feudalism once jeff bezos reveals that creating capitalism was 'just a prank' and a 'social experiment'

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