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oh yeah emi wanted me to make a little intro
im B im 3000 years old in a 33 year old body in a 24 year old body (this one)
i use any pronouns though my systemmates usually use he/him but i sincerely dont care
i just want everyone here to do what theyre supposed to

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our management consists of a gay trans man shapeshifter cat, a cis lesbean, and the vague agender concept of darkness

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A small personal introduction: my name is Emi, I'm 21, the local sword lesbian, and I love my girlfriend. :blushing: :heart_eyes: -Emi

At some point in his past, Noc tried out modeling. It lasted about a year.

Both Pipi and Moxi find this hilarious and tease him about it on occasion.
#art #myart #mastoart #creativetoot

when u feel like a billy eyelash song on the inside :(

Intrusive thoughts are the reply guys of the mind.

2018 was easily four or five times longer than 2019 has been.

i literally just never know what's up. I'm a kite in a bog. completely confused. wet

We have had a very turbulent feeling weekend but luckily all that turbulence seems to have stayed internal

I can't say all of it for sure since we missed class Tuesday and still worked though that days shift and this morning's but we were good by this afternoon

No one said anything to us I don't think that couldn't be passed off as just awkwardness so ???

100 years from now almost anything could be going on

I need money to cover medical expenses, so if you can help or just boost it'd be awesome!
- here's my shop:
- or my tip jar:
Thanks a lot 💙

Here's my radical vision for the future which will require monumental changes to our entire society to accomplish: everything is just ok

I had a completely different idea for my first portfolio prompt piece, but I realized that I don't even know if I need to do the prompts and that idea would take way longer. so I went with a slightly different idea.

I don't know, I hope it something and not just me drawing the 3 wolves meme lmao. not sure about the red color? maybe it should be darker.....


Prescription drug ment 

Tfw you realize your headmates let you ambien post for the first time in forever :///// what the hell guys

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