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re: DSM changes, terminology, sui 

Open comment period for replacing the term "Commit Suicide" in the DSM.

Building Trust group coaching moved to start in March 

Building Trust live coaching course moved to start on March 12th. New application deadline is Feb 25, and there's a video about how to find and send in the application, etc.

The course is free, there's a live weekly session. There's a lot of work involved, and this is the 2nd time we're running this one. New students must fill out the application and be interviewed to join.

It's based around our system trust issues podcast series, but far more in-depth with practical exercises, live discussion, and Q&A.

Rant DSM-5 Bias - missed advocacy opportunity 

Was poking around for autism talking points — and failing so far because there's a website called talking points but:

WTF there was a comment period on the DSM-5. Which means there was lilkely a comment period on the DSM-5-TR which we MISSED because the DSM-5-TR is already pre-publication for March 2022. *SIGH*

The more you know the more you realize you don't know. Ok, so how do plurals get some notification of a comment period ahead of DSM-6? It may be as much as 10 years down the road, but we are certain to have comments about whatever they've done (or not done) with the DID dx.

Like the differential diagnosis bias bullshit (re: We could have commented on that shit? ARGH. Who wants to put up $1 against our bet that they did NOTHING about it?

Excuse our rant. This pisses several of us off.😡

But how didn't we hear about a comment period? How? 😳Argh. waaaaah. ​😭​​

The IACC is Taking Public Comments for Autistic Policy 

Please make sure Autistic voices are heard instead of the eugenicists.

Anyways, stuff like what should and should not be funded, any sort of therapies (or lack thereof), and research interests can all go there from what we have heard, so PLEASE fucking do this and submit a comment it would mean so so much to us.

Enrollment for Building Trust group coaching (free) 

About 1 week left to apply, submit application & schedule an interview for our 6-week United Front: Building Trust live group coaching course.
Please read the overview before signing up there's more to it 😀​

We had mentioned that Carl Jung was plural. That he spent years exploring his inner world and wrote up what he found in The Red Book.

Guess what we got as an early Crisses Day gift? The Red book.

Unboxing Video, reading, etc.

Applications now open for 6-week group coaching course United Front: Building Trust in February.

First 3 informational "lessons" are open before you& need an account to get the application.

every so often i remember that was primarily a site i wrote for myself, first and foremost, with the side benefit of also being nice for others as well

Shame and Pride - self-help, trauma-framed 

We attended an instructional session on shame this week. Also mixed and mingled some of what we learned with things we already know, and created a new article.

We are totally new to Plural.Cafe and now have to figure out what…is…going…on…here. Culture, new platform, "is this thing on"…etc.

Yup. 😳​

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