Singlets, what do you feel about the situation of having to film a project with one body (or in your case, only one person)
So in order to check if the camera is in a good position you take a video and go stand in the shot and come back
But when you're watching the video, you forget that that's your body/a video instead of the live camera feed and try to adjust the camera live during the video

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Singlets, what do you feel about the phrase "and we all did a koombayah to create Moana's grandmother" (source the Entropy system on YouTube)

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Singlets, what do you feel about the phrase "rewatching a tutorial of something you're *good at* that you've watched a million times bc you already forgot how to do it" (source, someone in my system, on Tumblr)

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Singlets, what do you feel about the phrase "Sorry I wasn’t listening I was becoming a different person can you say that again" (source, cherrysodalovers on Tumblr--I would link it but it seems OP deactivated)

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Singlets, what do you feel about the phrase "most of my memories feel like sticky notes that someone else left out for me" (something I said to some sort of mental health professional but icr who bc it wasn't on the sticky note)

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just plural things: having to explain to your DM that the mermaid character you made for her game is real and in love with her personally

don't ever let anyone tell you that lying is not an important skill to have.
learn to lie. use it when you need it to be safe.

The cat ears stay on!


Image by catboysofcolor on instagran

app for system organization/graphs of who's fronting: today we found and are trying out Simply Plural, which you can preview and use a web version of here before you download the app

so far we're not sure how much use we'll get out of it, but maybe it'll help us get to know each other better...?

Workin on a face that sits somewhere between disney and anime...not quite there yet but feel like I'm making progress. Pic taken in VRChat (put the new physics bones all over the hair, it's super fun)

enbies who infodump are so FUCKING attractive boost if u agree

🎲 I posted this over on Twitter but...

Which one ya think is cooler? Protogens or Avali?

Link to reference pictures~



Is bisexual when you have sex twice a year or when you have sex once every two years?

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