TLDR; looking for alternative word for forced switches 

Noiz 🐇

We are thinking Nimh might be lactose intolerant. How or why, no clue but all last week we had stomach issues but diet wise everything was pretty much the same apart from we used more dairy milk. A lot of us usually don't drink it but had to since it needed to go.

Comrade ⛓

Hilarious that some of us switch out after typing up a message before sending it off. I feel bad about sending it off for them cause it's their call so they should hit send themselves, but it looks done and we honestly will often forget about sending it at all if the next person doesn't. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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good: using y'all to refer to a group of people

better: using y'all to refer to a plural system

best: using all y'all to refer to several plural aystems

confused vent 

cw food mention 

💧: Knowing we are someone's "horror story" kinda sucks. Like we scare people enough to silence a room type level if we openly talk about being plural in public.

🔔: The mother appears to use us sometimes as well.. Maybe this old speak* for the body's parents.. Wonder if it played any influence into us being plural..? But I don't think any of our firstborns shared any memories of them talking like that however..

*IDK what I want to use here instead to better say what I mean..?

🔔: Wonder if the body's father is plural.. I've noticed he seems to use plural pronouns.. like a lot.. we and us.. like today he said "get off us" to the dogs.. before that he said "can you do that for us" when he asked me to look something up for him.. he might just be singular but talks like that.. I know some singular folk who do but it makes me wonder ya know..

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a friend posted this on discord and i feel extremely personally called out


💔: Oh yeah and strawberries = icing sugar. Which is maybe the only thing I don't mind apart from I feel sick of it when I eat more than a few when whoever's taste stuff does this change.

💔: The meat so far has been pork and turkey tasting like bee stings? but sausages are usually just cheese or partly.

💔: I think we have a headmate who has a sense of taste that just doesn't match whatever it is that we are eating. Like mayo can taste like ants, fanta tastes like orange jelly or cheese burgers... don't taste like cheese burgers but something else and meat just stings our tongue??

🎀: I wish we had some kind of guide on how to talk to the body's family. I really dislike meeting people we 'know' but I don't so idk how to interact with them. I feel the awkwardness so much ughh.

🎀: Sorta funny though cause he brought an empty plate inside, he said he was eating pizza before, so that's why he has it. Idk what to say now lol but I asked him if he brought it in to wash it here, so he's doing that now.

🎀: The body's brother is over, it's so awkward, idk how to talk to him. I just let the dogs out to greet and entertain him since he's gonna have to wait anyway lol.

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get in loser we're going co-fronting

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this is your irregular reminder that an apology comes with a change of behavior or it wasn't an apology~

re: spoilers, carole and tuesday, headcanon evidence 

re: spoilers, carole and tuesday, headcanon evidence 

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