Okay, so, hypothetically! If I were to write a spellcaster bot, what would you like it to say?
Daily life help, special event preps, specific words, phrases, deities, moon phases, etc.

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Also I'm gonna start an online business I think! I need to raise funds for the future.

I'm going to try and film videos on topics that interest me/someone wants to have (in German and English) and also make witchy spell jars. I'm going to show the available sizes over on ko-fi.com/pandanouk and also give an overview on what the topics will be.


(long) intro toot 

So, toot!
We're the Panda System and we're very glad to be here.

Nanouk is the host and mainly fronts/toots. Signs toots with 🐼 Interests: , , and others

Mask is a protector and often coconscious. Signs with ☯️, interested in and witchy stuff.

Atty is a child and signs with 🐻 - often out when there's fun to be had!, Also

Christian is relatively new to this system and probably has a warped sense of justice. Signs with 🕯️Interested in and

The cat is a literal cat headmate and therefore doesn't type. When talked about, we use 🐱/🐈 depending on whether they were conscious or in the innerworld.

Kat is our sexual trauma holder and barely fronts. Signs with 💖 She's interested in everything soft, , and the sea.

If you want, you can give us a follow! Our former main is @pandanouk and we are also on @pandanouk 😊


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