(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

Self-diagnosis is okay.
Looking at the ICD/DSM, talking to people diagnosed with it, researching and *finding that this is what your life is like* is okay.
You don't have to go to a doctor, you don't have to experience every single minor symptom, you don't have to "always had it". No.
If you find something that explains everything perfectly and that is what you need, then diagnose yourself.

If you need specific accommodations, talk to a doctor or otherwise medical professional, because that's something the system needs. If you find that their advice isn't helpful, talk to the next one. Talk to everyone until you find someone who understands.

I also don't always have the energy to follow that advice, but it still influences my way of approaching the journey to health.

(might be a VERY unpopular opinion) med, health related PSA | long toot 

@the_panda_system not unpopular these days we hope, definitely not in the circles we travel in ourselves. beings helping other beings was always the standard once upon a time, we only went to those with specialised knowledge when it was something the rest of the community didn't know how or wasn't equipped to deal with. we all have access to a lot more names for things now, a lot more access to the same knowledge and in many cases at least basic training in the methodologies required to look at a problem and put a name to it.

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