work, politics-adjacent (~ but actually +, long) 

Welp, we just subscribed to doing overtime because of politics.

There's a political party asking my employer (basically a state-funded company) about data from the last 10 years and I'm the one they turned to to make a spreadsheet that knows all the stuff. It's really cool that they trust me with this and it's a lot of fun, but also, the deadline technically was 7 hours ago and got extended to tomorrow morning. So I got a pretty sweet deal: Instead of putting in a vacation day tomorrow like originally planned (because of an appointment), I will work tonight at home, send over the data asap and get that time written up for tomorrow. If it doesn't take as long as I thought and it would cost me more than I'm gaining, we'll put it towards normal overtime - but honestly I think I'm gonna need more than tonight to do it and it's gonna be enough for a full work day.


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